Slavery and British is an article highlighting the plight of slaves especially for the African continent under their masters in Britain. The author of the source is James Walvin, who is a professor of history at the New York University (Walvin, 2002). He is a researcher of British and the slavery trade and has authored and edited 30 books. Alvin has written many historical materials especially relating to African slavery and the difficulties they faced under the British masters. Alvin won the Martin Luther King Memorial Prize in 1975, which was a very contested prize. In the same year, the New York Times described his work as one of the notable books of the year. Andy has a big interest in the history of retaining especially during the colonial era and the periods of slavery. He has written some books on football in addition to stories of slaves and the slave trade. He became the curator of the parliamentary exhibition on abolishing the slave trade in addition to being the advisor of Equiano Exhibition which took place in the Art Gallery in Birmingham.

The source was published by Andy Patterson in History today Journal Volume 52 Issue 3 on 22 March 2002. The publisher claims responsibility for the source since he publishes several articles in the Magazine (History Today, 2015). All the sources published in the magazine relate the history of Britain and slavery and other historical materials. The magazine covers all geographical regions and historical periods in which the articles contain traditional narrative history and any new research. The publisher commissions all its articles directly from historians and academic authors.