Social mobility is the drive of persons or groups in social locations that is, classes, ethnics groups or a nation. To implement social mobility positively, we consider the proxies for the quality of the school system this is because the school systems are correlated with mobility that is area with less dropout rates and small sizes have high rates of positive mobility and to increase mobility in areas with high drop outs a policy to reduce the number of dropouts is implemented for example trying to sponsor children from poor backgrounds who cannot afford college education (

Social mobility increases positively in areas with good asset of social networks and community contribution that is to say high upward mobility area incline to have sections of religious persons and greater contribution in local civic society ( Marital status of parents in a community will also affects the social mobility positively if children are having both their parents together (married).

The social mobility will rise positively if the diverse social classes are not living far apart, that is a policy should be implemented to enhance the transportation ease between the rich and the poor thus increases the social mobility .According to Paul Krugman the social mobility in Atlanta was low due to the different social classes living far apart since public transportation system was nearly impossible to operation.

The seeming opposite connection between sprawl and social mobility visibly reinforces the case for good growth urban policies, that try to endorse compact interiors with access to communal transit, that is the supporting the policy that help families function without multiple cars and thus embraces equality(Krugman, 2013).