My parents always asked me not to mark my body with tattoos and the piercing of the ear. They often told me that the tattooing of the body is deviant and a taboo and that it carried consequences. Many people in the society saw ear piercing and tattooing as an indication of lack of self-respect and trustworthiness. The society I lived in was also still conservative, and most of the parents often reprimanded their children in case they went against their wish and tattooed body or pierced their ears. While with my friends at a local community centre, my friends decided to pass by a tattoo artist to have a tattoo. Because of my love for art and experimenting, I was tempted to have one too on my arm, and I was impressed since it made me look trendy.

The act of tattooing was an act of defiance in my view. It is because it was a behavior that violated the norms of my family and the society as a whole (Rosenberg, Stebbins & Turowetz, 2009).  It was culturally unacceptable, and if one applied it, he or she was seen to be immoral and lacking ethics and thus many were totally against the practice. Although it had not been codified into law, the act of tattooing the body was considered to be a violation of the cultural norms. At the moment, I knew that I was deviant. I desired to experiment with a tattoo so as to look trendy and attractive. Furthermore, many of my friends had a tattoo hence my decision to do so was on peer pressure. My friends were delighted to see me having a tattoo, and it was now like a bond to our friendship. My mother was visibly angry, but she could not reprimand me since I was a grown up.