Advancement of technology has had a notable impact on socialization in the modern era in diverse ways. Blogs and other platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, for instance, have served as major advancements that influence socialization in the modern era (Brown 11). Among the changes, some are beneficial while others are detrimental to how humanity socializes. Technological advancements have improved the way people communicate in the present era. Lately, there have been expanded ways of communication in the present era. Notably, increased ease of communication promotes socialization among people in the present era. It has further improved the ease of making and maintaining relationships among society members, and across global communities.

Receiving updates and information has become easy with the improvement of communication. Personal and business communications have also become simpler than during the past decades. E-mails, for instance, can be sent to multiple recipients who will receive the updates within short periods. The social media has changed the manner in which people interact in diverse ways. Furthermore, technological advancements have expanded the scope of socialization to a borderless global community. Individuals can choose their source of news from a broad spectrum available to them. In the present era, the global society members have more open thoughts than they were, before, because of improved socialization supported by technological advancements. Expression of public opinion has become highly diverse given that mainstream media has lost its past dominance over influencing what people receive news and updates on events. Several devices and, lately, applications have liberalized socialization among people.