Thesis Statement: Through the works of Lord Alfred Tennyson, the rise in attention being paid towards the ideas of medievalism in the Victorian era may be seen, and a look at the influences of these ideas is discussed.


  1. Introduction
  2. Thesis statement is presented
  3. Who was Lord Alfred Tennyson
    • Background information on Tennyson
      • What started his writing career
      • What made up the topics he preferred to write on
  4. Victorian era
    • When was the Victorian era?
    • What were some of the key aspects that served to encompass the ideas of the time?
  5. What is medievalism
    • How is medievalism defined
    • What prevalence did this have in Victorian England?
  6. Which of Tennyson’s works showed specific examples of the effects of medievalism in Victorian England?
    • The Lady of Shallot
    • Balin and Balan
  7. Conclusion

Summing up of all points made, including why Tennyson is one of the best authors to use to represent this idea.