The author, Warren Cassidy has used logical appeal by mentioning that the Second Amendment to the Constitution protects the rights of the American people to keep arms. Such facts are too logical for the readers to refute. Cassidy writes that the Second Amendment is just as important for the continuation of democracy as the First Amendment. There is no high-court decision that goes against keeping of arms, which is another fact that contains logic. He further mentions his research that “violent crime continues to rise in cities like New York and Washington even after severe firearm-control statues were rushed into place.” Hence, we can say that the author has used logical appeal at many points in the article. Cassidy has also used ethical appeal when he suggests that American citizens should support such governmental programs that teach them about gun safety. This is an ethical recommendation, demanding the citizens to think ethically toward the issue. Teaching gun-safety and getting awareness about how to keep and use arms within limitations, is an ethical consideration. Cassidy has mentioned the NRA’s first hunter safety program that aims to train millions of young hunters. Cassidy has used less emotional appeal, but one instance is when he writes, “Frankly, we would rather keep investing NRA resources in such worthwhile efforts instead of spending our time and members’ money debunking the failed and flawed promises of gun prohibitionists. If you agree, I invite you to join the NRA.” This statement invokes an emotional urgency in the reader to go against gun prohibition.