The two subjects include the role of a person’s name on his or her success in life and the experiment to see if cash prizes can encourage struggling students to improve academically (IMDb, 2010). The two subjects relate to economics because they are motivating and influences the behavior of an individual towards achieving the target. For instance, cash prizes motivate students to work hard and achieve the goals they have set. Similarly, one’s brand acts as a selling point that can also explain why some companies perform well and have achieved maximum market share (Freakonomics, 2015). Hence, the two subjects match into economics because of their influence on behavior that makes people accomplish the goals.

The above subjects have impacted me on how I think about Economics. For instance, I have always known that Economics is about the division of scarce resources in the economy. However, this has changed today, and I know it entails much more. Some of the things learned include the factors that lead to the success of some organizations as well as ways of motivating consumers to change their behaviors for an organization.

The knowledge I have learned here will help me in overcoming daily challenges when it comes to deciding the products to buy as well as explaining the success stories of some organization. Their strong products demand has been what accelerates them to higher heights hence recording high results. A person’s name that is equivalent to a factory brand name is the key to success hence this is helpful for an organization that wants to command larger market share (Steven, 2006).