Based on the Newspaper article written by Brenda Nyhan on the New York Times, in regard to partisan issues surrounding Ebola preparedness among USA citizens, Brenda claims that the notion varies between Republicans and Democrats (Brenda). It is evident that Brenda writes the article in a biased manner when she talks about a controversial issue like Ebola in terms of preparedness statistics.

Based on her argument, Brenda postulates that Democrats are more confident in the government handling the Ebola crisis than Republicans (Brenda). One is left wondering, when was the research done and by what means were Republicans and Democrats chosen to respond on the matter. It is evident that based on the current regime, she supported Democrats to be the ones to support the issue (Brenda). Little did she know that Ebola is a situation that affects everybody irrespective of the political party which one is involved in.

Furthermore, the given issue of Ebola preparedness is quite recent in USA as it occurred after its first victim dies in USA soil. The first person who died of Ebola in USA occurred a month ago, hence placing the statistics of preparedness to have been cooked to favour the democrats. It is very likely that Republicans will be annoyed with such kind of an article since it portrays them in a negative way amidst the Ebola scare (Brenda).