Wood (2015) examines the primary agenda of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which is a popular terrorist organization in Middle East. The article traces the origin of the terrorist organization to Osama bin Laden, whose killing dented the strength of the terror group a bludgeoning terror network. The article notes that ISIS now recruits from around the world, and uses mainly Western radicalized individuals in propaganda video footages against the West. The main agenda of turning radicalized members of Western nations against their fellow countrymen and women captured by ISIS at their workstations in the region is to dampen their spirit and hinder further Western “interference” in the Middle East.

The second, perhaps the most important agenda of ISIS is to expand control across the Middle East by instilling fear among the populations living in the region to support its criminal agenda. This way, the terrorist organization will have greater grip on vast resources that can enable the organization carry out systematic attacks against Western interests including diplomatic, political, military and Christianity. Extreme Islamists, who form the ranks of ISIS are unhappy about Western influence through better democratic governance and accountability, religious liberty, and modern Western education system. As such, the use of violence by ISIS accentuates the fact that the extreme elements within Islamic religion have been defeated ideologically by the superior Western systems. Violence therefore justifies the end, which is basically to demonstrate to the West that they (terrorists) can still wield influence by sponsoring suicide bombers and systematic attacks against parties that are believed to be antiestablishment.