When thinking about particular wars, it is important to evaluate the agendas of those propagating the wars. That is what Barack Obama asserted in his 2nd October, 2002 speech against the Iraq war. The speech adds insight on the factors to consider before engaging in war. He engaged the audience in an attempt to seek for rational decisions before engaging in wars. It is evident that not all wars are bad. As Obama puts it, individuals should not oppose all wars.

The insight gained from his fundamental thought propels wisdom and critical thinking. It is important for individuals to engage in wars that focus on freedom from ignorance, intolerance, greed, and despair. On the other hand, wars that focus on politics rather than principles are irrational and individuals should not engage their resources in fighting such wars. Rational thinking before engaging in any war ought to be based on “effective and coordinated intelligence” (Transcript: Obama’s Speech Against The Iraq War).

Humans are always in a constant battle to establish and satisfy their living. The manner in which people strive to achieve success may be considered as subtle. It is in such ways that people conflict and may turn on each other for selfish gains. That is the kind of war that Obama urged people to desist. In his assertion that individuals should not oppose all wars, it is important to focus on wars aimed at seeking freedom from vices propagated by self-centered individuals that can be termed as political.