In the recent years, the aspect of gender equality has been a very sensitive topic. For this reason, women, as well as various lobby groups, have been striving to uphold various women rights. Ideally, the success of these campaigns is evident in the number of female heroines in the modern societal context. For this reason, the screening of the film “Threads” was particularly aimed at celebrating various female heroines.

The screening of the film was done at an ideal timing, at the onset of the 2015 Feminisms and Rhetoric Conference at the Arizona State University (ASU). Noteworthy, the heroines celebrated through the screening of the film is aimed at beautifying the modern society that is characterized by gender disparities. With the success of this beautification, the next generation will be inspired greatly. In my opinion, the timing if the screening was ideal for the audience as well as the thematic context of the seminar.

Through the primary focus on the life of Suraya Rahman, the films succeed in the vivid representation of a celebrated heroine. As a documentary, the film focuses on Bangladesh, which is a representative of the gender situation in various developing countries. Besides, Suraya’s in-depth understanding of the hand-embroidered works of art is presented vividly to depict her mastery.

It is worth noting that her status as a heroine is not only attributed to her artistic mastery, but to her heart. She has an accommodative spirit from the way she is willing to help her fellow women in various situations. Her situation is highly relevant to the typical life of various scholars. For instance, she is passionate about her work, and this results in mastery. Within the school context, embracing passion in a given field will lead to better results.

In conclusion, the filming of the documentary was inspiring as well as captivating in celebrating the lives of various heroines regardless of nationality.