It is definitely a great movie about the issue of drugs. However, this film is valuable not only because it depicts how people become addictive to cocaine, heroin, crack, and other disgusting drugs, but it also explains why males and females become addictive.

Understanding the cause could help in understanding how the treatment should be carried out. Moreover, the movie depicts the fact that different people have various motives. For instance, Caroline is simply bored. Being 16 years old honored student, she does not simply understand what do next in life and becomes addictive (Ebert, 2001). Her boyfriend Seth is also well-educated, but dealing with drugs can help in getting easy earnings (Holden, 2000). However, the issue that all money will be spent for drugs does not bother them. At the same time, Caroline’s father is a person of tremendous consequence, who is straggling with drug dealers (Morton, 2009). There are two more stories in the movie, but they are less valuable from the side off addiction.

Counselors and therapists that are new to the practical field of treating people with addictions are definitely recommended to watch the movie. The key reason for this is the straight fact newcomers in any profession are great theoreticians without any practical experience. Thus, they know what should be done, but they hesitate how to put it into reality. They know which types of people can become addictive and how the treatment should be provided according to the certain type of personality. However, they cannot feel the patients’ sensations by themselves. To gain the vital experience, they should either try the drugs or watch videos that depict the issue of addictiveness from the addictives’ points of view. Only this could help in gaining the initial understanding of the cause and how it should be transformed into the future happy life-being without drugs. The movie “Traffic” gives that vital possibility to gain a bit of experience, and thus it is definitely worth being watched.