The question of whether the passion of a good or bad thing is rather difficult. This is due to the fact that any passion has both its positive and negative aspects. This fact complicates the possibility of objective understanding of the phenomenon of passion. On the one hand, the passion is a source of development in various spheres of human life such as art, religion, military affairs, etc. Watching the documentary video titled The Rise and Fall of the Spartans allows me to see that passion has led to the greatness of the Spartans who became known as the most courageous and brave soldiers in the world. On the other hand, the passion has the ability to cause serious problems and even tragic consequences because it releases excessive feeling of boundless freedom.

In Plato‚Äôs work titled Republic, Socrates urges people to observe moderation, as the passion in its various forms is considered as the source of many problems. I believe that passion can be seen as a positive thing as an impulse. The further development of a process or phenomenon must involve a departure from the passions to a more moderate and calm movement. As an example, let’s consider the phenomenon of love. Passionate love is beautiful but the constant passion can lead to spiritual devastation. In this respect, the passion should give way to a deeper relationship and then a union between lovers will be much more fruitful and stable. Thus, any passion has its positive meaning as a source (impulse) for the development of something, but then it should be replaced by moderation.