This paper aims to summarize the article covering the case of “Finagle, a Bagel”. The article talks about the management strategies concerning working capital. The acting owners have employed various methods to cut down their expenses to maximize their overall profits. One of the strategies that were appointed by the owners of Finagle, a Bagel was to undertake credit trade with their vendors. It was done because their accounts were receiving and accounts payable did not match the period of payments.

Secondly, the couple owners appointed the approach of owning the facility rather than renting it. It was because the rent remains an amount that does not bring any profit to the company. Therefore, cutting down amount of rents can allow businesses to flourish. The same amount can be used for the purpose of business development or introducing a newer product. Also, they undertook the partnership with the bank as the brand was attractive for the investors (Pride, Hughes, & Kapoor, 2014).

Herein, it can be well stated that it rather allowed them to get investment on their brand because loan would have increased the debt amount because of the interest rate. The article has discussed and informed about the working capital management strategies in the most practical manner. It is the crux for every business to appoint better understanding concerning the amounts that they have to pay to vendors. Overall, having investors, buying the facility and cutting down any interest rate can help businesses to maximize profit.