The following is a case study analysis of Zappo Company, an organization whose vision is to remain the best online product provider in the industry. To realize this objective, the company has employed the use of various organizational strategies that include, marketing, low cost and cultural maintenance to motivate their customers and employees that would increase the profitability. Marketing is one of the essential tools for the success of any company. Poor marketing makes customers more powerful and, in this case, the organization might not sale its products (Wilson & Gilligan, 2012). Zappo though has done well in this strategy. They offer a wide selection of products up to free shipment of the best service that has allowed customers to purchase most of their products.

The Cultural Strategy is another significance of corporate success. Most of the products centers towards the culture of the clients and employees. These two components comprise the most valuable asset of a business. Without employees, there would be no production and with no customers there are no sales and as such the group would seize to exist (Wilson & Gilligan, 2012). The organization has successfully implemented this through shifting to Las Vegas where the employees are motivated to work all day and night. And to enhance their effectiveness, the company uses small ads and small email networking to maintain low prices for the customers. But I am afraid to use such diminished platforms for an advertisement as they deprive the company sufficient customer base through stiff competitions from firms that have invested heavily on an online ad. This is evidence as from the threats and weakness provided indicating stiff competition and new entrants into the market. The company, therefore, should reconsider this strategy if they are to become the market leaders.