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Q&AHow to cite a website in APA?
ndevis Staff asked 7 months ago

How to cite a website with no author APA or only one author?

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ndevis Staff answered 3 months ago

In order to include a citation, there are some things worth knowing. For instance, you should take into account the number of the edition. It can be easily learned from the current citation manual. As for the Autumn 2018, it`s the 6th edition of APA. Secondly, you should also find out the information about the source of your citation (author, website URL).

Note: URL is the abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator. It is utilized to indicate addresses on the Internet. It identifies the location of some information (a picture, a text, a sound file) on the World Wide Web.

Today, we are going to clear out two things: how to cite a website in the American Psychological Association style with one author and with no authors.

A ‘single author’ case is the situation when you have to include a citation/reference from the website created by one person. Students should stick to the following structure if they need to include a reference at the end of the paper: Author’s Last Name, First Initial. Second Initial if Given. (Year website was updated/published, Month Day if given). Title of the website. Retrieved Month Day, Year site was last viewed (if the content likely to change over time), from URL

An in-text citation will look like this: (Author’s Last Name, Year, Section Name section, para. Paragraph Number if there is more than one paragraph in the  section)

A ‘zero authors’ case is a situation when the author of the website is unknown. In such cases, follow this format: Title of page: Subtitle (if any). (Year website was last updated/published, Month Day if given). Retrieved Month Day, Year site was last viewed (if content is likely to change over time), from URL

Please note that if the content on the website is changeable, make sure you`ve indicated the Month Day, Year you have viewed the site. Include this information between the ‘Retrieved’ and ‘from’ words.

A bonus question: How to cite a website that has no date, year, author, page number info in APA?

A bonus answer: Make use of any of these three variants.

Variant 1. Include the paragraph number, if it`s provided. If there is no such information, you can do it manually – simply count the paragraphs down from the beginning of the text.

Variant 2. Put a short title in the quotation marks if the heading is too long to cite it in full.

Variant 3. Use the heading and complete it with the paragraph number.