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You're the best! Now, I can finally spend time writing and forget about daunting rules to citing.
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Intuitive, easy to handle, already saved me a couple of days. Thanks for a great website!
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Gee, Cite4me is a revelation. I can’t believe I used to spend hours generating references. Thank you!!!
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It`s 5 out of 5! Such an easy place to get those citations done! I`ll use your service for my every writing project. I do recommend cite4me cause it`s a life-saver.
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William Weindorfer
As a teacher, I find such technologies extremely helpful. Students do not need to read citation style manuals to format their papers. There`s more space for research and writing on the selected topic than dealing with text formatting. It`s a handy tool, and think it`ll save many hours for every student.
University of Southern Queensland#cite4mereviews #reviewscite4me
Luca Gilbert
Such a cool place for checking plagiarism. I don`t believe that free plagiarism checking sites are reliable. They most likely do not have access to private libraries and databases. I`ve used cite4me to scan my essay on plagiarism, and they showed me the parts of content, which was poorly cited or not paraphrased. I`ve made some changes based on the review they`ve sent me, and ended up getting A! Thank you for such a helpful tool all students need so much.
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Cong Liao
Cite4me, you`re the best! I mean generally I spend about 6 hours to cite my papers and make sure everything is all right. With this site, I`ve spent 1h 30 min! It`s so fast and easy. Thx!
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Christina Aitken
Best website ever. Simple navigation, free of charge and tons of helpful articles in their blog section. I mean what else can we ask for? Thanks!
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Gary N. Hosford
Coool!!! Thank you for this service. It does help students cope with those millions of citation formats! Thank you guys!
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Super Fast Citation Machine & Precise Reference Generator

When writing a research project, you will have to conduct intensive research from various resources to gather information, data, and any relevant material that will help you to put excellent paper. In fact, conducting thorough research entails gathering different form of resources, analyzing the information contained in them and disseminating it according to your understanding. For you to achieve a statue of a perfect researcher, you have to keep track of all the resources that you have used as a source of your information or data to develop your paper. Doing so, helps you conforming with the procedures and standards of writing that entails on giving credit to other writers and researchers whose works you have used to write your own project. Also, most importantly, it helps to prevent plagiarism, which is considered as cheating or ‘stealing’ other people ideas.

Why Do You Need A Cite Machine?

Use our cite machine guide to understand the importance of including the sources used for your research as well on how to confidently cite your academic projects.

An Overview of What You Need to Know

As a responsible researcher, you must acknowledge or give credit to the authors of the sources that you have used for your paper. Also, you should provide your audience with where you get the information, data, or idea from. This does not only show responsibility but as well as credibility, which is an element of good writing practice. Therefore, to achieve this, you have to include citations as well the bibliography showing the details of your sources. However, citation is done in different formats, and if you don’t know a particular citation style, a cite machine comes in handy. It will help you cite accurately and by the style or format that you desire. Also, since doing research takes a lot of time for you have to collect, analyze, and repurpose a lot of information, you may be left with little time compose the citation. To avoid missing the submission deadline for your academic paper, you can use a citation generator to accurately and efficiently write the citations. Our citation maker will not only help you save time but will ensure that your essay earns good result reflecting the hard work you have invested in developing it. It is not worth losing crucial points in your research paper for failing to include proper and complete citations.

How Does Work Cited Machine Work?

Our free citation machine is the most accurate and reliable citation tool that you will find online. So, if your deadline is fast approaching and you don’t have enough time to write intext citation or references manually. Don’t worry; there are available alternatives that you can choose from. Actually, writing citation manually is a tedious and time-consuming process. As a student, you have limited time on everything you do and its prudent to spend it effectively.

If you are unsure of the citation format you need to use; our free citation generator is the right solution to help you with both the work cited page or the in-text citation. Our citation tool has access to online databases with millions of resource materials such as books, websites, journals, podcasts, blogs, among other sources contain information in all spheres.

What is the in-text citation and work cited page? When you quote, paraphrase or use information as a summary from a source, you should provide a brief indication of the resource used. This little information is what is called intext citation or parenthetical citation. For example, (Marion, 2016).

After you have completed writing the research, you should include a corresponding detail of the source that you have intext cited. The full reference information is the one you write on the work cited page. In other words, it is called references or bibliography. Doing all this, at times, can be a complicated task for you, there are many formats that different for various subjects and institutions. However, by using our accurate citation creator, you will not simplify your work, but you will as well use the proper format in the research paper you are doing.

Another challenge that most writers face is memorizing the full details of the sources you have used. In fact, that should not be the case; you do not have to keep on remembering every material that you used. With our work cited machine, all you have to do is to keep track of a unique identifier of the source material. When you write that information on the search interface on our citation tool, you will receive full details of the source. You will get the title of the material, the author, the publication date, the URL information, specific page which contain the exact information any other information. Alternatively, if you don’t know the unique identifier of the source, you can write the title, author, or copy the URL details if it’s an online journal or website. You will get many results with such the title, and you can choose from the list the exact source you used. You can as well copy and use the in-text citation on your document.

How Effective Is an Online Citation Generator

You have heard of plagiarism, or you are fond of using this term, but you don’t know what it means. Let start this section by understanding what it means and the effect it has on your paper. When you use another author information or simply an idea in your paper without providing credit or acknowledging them, that is considered as plagiarism. In simple terms, plagiarism is using someone’s else content without citing it. In academic writing, plagiarism is regarded cheating, and it has serious ramifications. Through different institutions have various policies on plagiarism, but in most cases, you can be penalized by point deduction on your research paper, you can be discontinued from a class or being expelled from school. You don’t want to spend some time on the school principal explaining a ‘crime’ that you could mitigate in the first place by using a reliable online citation generator.

An online citation maker does not only help you prevent plagiarism on your writing, but it also enables you to show your credibility to the readers. This means that when you’re doing research, you are not only gathering ideas from different resources, but you are finding such information to support your hypothesis. It is through other authors’ opinions that you affirm your points to the audience, thus demonstrating your understanding of the subject of your paper. Therefore, by referencing the sources of your research, you are providing the readers with the chance to refer to them and get more information as well to validate and verify whether the information is correct thus convincing them. In addition to that, you are referencing help your readers to easily and quickly locate the materials with the same details you have used in your research paper. It means that a reader might want to get a deeper understanding of the concepts you have analyzed in your writing, and they can use the references to access the resources. With the best citation generator available, you will be able to achieve all these on your writing project efficiently.

Formatting Styles to Use When Using Citation Machine Generator

As we have established that when doing your research, you use different kinds of sources such as books, articles, websites, journals, videos, speeches among many others. Similar to that various academic and professional disciplines uses different formats and styles for referencing and citing. Here are some common formatting styles:

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Chicago
  • Harvard
  • AMA
  • IEEE
  • Turabian, among others.

Our citation machine generator has all significant formats that you require to use on your paper. Therefore, you don’t have to worry or limit your research on just the conventional sources for you can reference anything with any format.

Here are simple steps you can follow with our most accurate reference and citation generator:

  • Select the format or style you need to use on your paper, i.e., MLA, APA, or any other.
  • Also pick the type of source you have used, for example, video, article, blog, book.
  • Enter other source details such as the URL where it is found online, ISBN, or any other unique identifier feature and search your source.
  • Once you receive the full detail, click the ‘Cite’ button and your source will be generated for you.
  • Copy the reference from the citation generator and paste it on your work cited page on your research.
  • Copy the in-text citation as well if you haven’t written them well properly
  • Repeat the process for each source you have used.

If you have any challenging with citing or referencing the sources of your research you can seek assistance from our free and automatic citation machine or ask for help from our experts and your paper will be formatted by your specifications. Our experts can as well help you with any research writing need that you might have. Do not put your grade in jeopardy while you could get professional help from us.

Manage your citation now by using our citation tool and get your desired results.