ACS Citation for Books – General Guidelines for Effective Referencing

The American Chemical Society (ACS) requires parenthetical references to be used for all sources of data and information, whether rephrased, paraphrased, or directly quoted. For you to understand what parenthetical references are in ACS citation for books, let us consider the following example. Let us say that you have obtained data by a book whose author is known as Alfred Davis published in 2019. If your data was obtained from page 1 of the book, then the parenthetical reference will be as follows. (Davis 2019, p. 1)

There should be a reference list for all the books used as sources of data and information in a paper. The reference list should be hanging with 0.5 indentations. The entire paper should be double spaced. You should also ensure that your paper has a running head.

Are You Troubled by In-Text ACS Textbook Citation?

The in-text citation refers to the reference you use within the body of your paper as a way of giving credit to authors.

The aim of in-text citations is to ensure that the reader is informed about:

  • The page where the arguments and ideas referred to can be found.
  • The year of publication of the book used.
  • The book which was used among those in the reference list.

It is important to note that the in-text ACS textbook citation must be in line with the text found in the page number on the reference list. The only exemption here interviews because it is difficult to determine the page numbers.

If you are concerned with the format of in-text ACS book chapter citation, you should note that the in-text references can be cited using three methods. The first method is using the author and date. Secondly, you can use superscript numbers. The other ACS book citation format method is using numbers.

When using numbers in ACS book chapter citation format, you should ensure that each reference in the reference list has only one number regardless of the times is used within the body of the text. The numbers should be assigned in ascending order starting from the reference appearing first in the paper to the one used as the last one.

When using superscript numbers, you should insert them at the end of the information referenced, such as the one at the end of this sentence (1). Remember that the reference should be in parenthesis and italics.

When using the author and date, you should insert them as shown in the example given earlier, assuming you are citing this sentence the use as follows (Davis, 2019).

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