All About ACS Website Citation

In-text citations follow either italic, superscript number or date, and author style. All references in the ACS style have to be sequentially numbered. You don’t assign a new number to an ACS website citation if it’s cited multiple times. If you have to cite a certain reference more than one time, its reference numbers have to be included in ascending order with commas in between them.

What Is ACS Citation Generator Website and Who Needs It

The ACS writing style derives its name from the American Chemical Society. The style is commonly used for writing research papers related to chemistry. A citation generator is a service that formats a source in the required style. Typically, students of college and university require such services.

How to Write In-Text Citations in ACS Style

There are two parts of every ACS citation of a website – an in-text citation and a reference list. The in-text citation offers brief information about the source within the writing, whereas there’s a full list of all sources used in the paper in the references’ section. Cite the in-text references in one of the following methods:

  • Using an italic number.
  • With the name of author and date.
  • Using a superscript number.

In each of these systems, the name of the author can be made a component of the sentence. So it’s only the year that’s included in the parentheses in the system of author and date. Numerical reference citations begin with the integer 1, and further references are consecutively numbered including the in-text references and others that show in figures or tables. For repeated references, new numbers aren’t assigned – instead, the original reference number is used. This guide elaborates examples of ACS citation of website. For two authors, the names of both are mentioned. If the number of authors exceeds two, only the first author’s name is mentioned and et al. is written after that.

How to Make a Reference List in ACS Style

Reference list, also called a bibliography, appears at the paper’s end in alphabetical order. The order of ACS citation for website is numerical if the citation is done according to numbers and alphabetic if citations are done based on author and date. There are different citation rules for different formats of reference, e.g. books or websites.

The information you need to cite a website is its title, date of access, and URL. If there’s an author on the webpage, mention his/her name. If needed, you can add ‘Home Page’ to the titles of websites.

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