AMA Format Citation Generator for Book

You have probably read a big pile of books to find the necessary information for your term papers. Nocturnal flipping through pages and here you are! Your assignment is ready. However, it is only the first part of done work. The second part concerns a list of reference. You need to cite each chapter in a book as not be accused of plagiarism. As you know, it is the greatest crime among the academia. That is why you have to approach a challenge of bibliography with a maximum level of responsibility. Online citation generator will help you out on the matter! Millions of students can’t do without a free AMA book citation generator. Thanks to it, their list of reference looks flawless!

AMA in-Text Citation for Book

There is nothing complicated in creating a bibliography which corresponds to AMA style 10th edition. Firstly, you need to mark books citation with a superscript above. There are many pitfalls so follow our pieces of advice as not to stumble over it. For example, you have used an in-text citation from a book. Consequently, you have to mention it in your list of reference. Your loyal rescuer textbook citation generator will do it for you. Insert either title or author or URL of a book. It our case, we are inserting the title of the book and this is what we have got:

Author of Book: David M. Kennedy

Author of Book: Lizabeth Cohen

Author of Book: Thomas A. Bailey

Title of Book: The American pageant: A history of the American people

Edition: 14

Place of Publication: Boston

Publisher: Wadsworth Cengage Learning

Date Published: 31.01.2010

If you tick the box “More Fields” your reference will be more detailed. You can either do it or not. We have decided to mention only the general information which is quite enough for the reference. After pressing the button “generate” we have an AMA in-text citation for book.

Is everything okay with the reference? Actually it is though something is missing. For discerning teachers, it is clear that ACCESSED point is missed. Many lecturers put a special emphasis on it because it indicates the whole process of work. Look out! You might have problems with it. Find-faulting teachers are scrupulously reading your bibliography to find a minor mistake. That is why you’d better check the box “More Fields” and add the day when you have used the source.

AMA Referencing Style for a Book

AMA format citation Generator for book will create your bibliography automatically. There is any shadow of a doubt that your reference is full and written in the right way. However, there might be an error with superscripts. The common mistake is the wrong punctuation marks between a couple of superscripts. Furthermore, students forget to mention a page number if the same source is cited more than once. According to AMA referencing style for a book there is a clear rule saying the following:

  • Hyphen is used for citing several sources in a chronological order1-4 (1-4: 1, 2, 3, 4);
  • Coma is used for citing non-consecutive books7,9-11,19 (1, 5, 8);

Mark a page number if you have cited the same book11(p.98).