AMA Format Citation Generator for E-book

In fact, today’s students are even smarter as they can find the source where a lecturer has taken the info to present it in the classroom. Isn’t it a truth for the 21st century? The same concerns libraries. Modern guys are equipped with e-books where piles of diverse materials can be stored. It doesn’t sound challenging to them “now your task is to write a term paper”. They are armed to teeth with gadgets to hand a perfectly written term paper in on time. Wait a minute…. Almost perfect. The most sensitive part of students’ papers is a list of reference. Read this article in order to be fully informed about free AMA e-book citation generator.

AMA Referencing Style for e-Book

It goes without saying, you deal with different kinds of material in order to conduct a thorough research. One of such types is e-books. They are available on a free basis so it is a great source of needed information. Once you have worked on an e-book you need to mention it in your bibliography. Moreover, you have to do it in a right way as not to be scolded by your teacher. Follow our guideline. First of all, find e-book citation generator.  Then you need to add the website address of your e-book. AMA format citation generator for e-book will look like that:

Author of Webpage: ManyBooks, William Lyon Phelps

Title of Webpage: The advance of English poetry in the twentieth century, page 7


Date Accessed/Viewed: 20.01.2017

After generating the results, you will get the full reference:

ManyBooks, Phelps WL. The advance of English poetry in the twentieth century, page 7. Accessed January 20, 2017.

Online citation generator has done all manual work instead of you. There can be some additional information which online citation generator has not found it due to its absence in the document. For example, the number of edition and the city where the book was published in. There must be an empty box title “More Fields” – click on it and you will see what can be added to make the reference more detailed.

AMA in-Text e-Book Citation

To mark an in-text citation you need to place a superscript about a quote. Let’s take an example which is connected with the above-mentioned reference. E-books citation has no difference with a simple book citation. It is the reference that tells them apart. These are the lines from the poem of William Lyon Phelps:

“Here in this radiant and immortal street
Lavishly and omnipotently as ever
In the open hills, the undissembling dales,
The laughing-places of the juvenile earth.”¹

At the end of the last line you can see a superscript 1 which refers the reader to the bibliography marked number 1 in it. AMA referencing style for e-book is not a complicated matter if you had previously got familiarize with AMA style 10th edition. Do it as not to miss out on important points that influence a final grade.  Copy and paste AMA in-text e-book citation in the list of reference on your Word page. This part of the writing process is not an obstacle for you anymore!