AMA Format Citation Generator for Journal Article

You have to work on different kinds of material to fully present an assigned topic. Either it is a book or a journal article, its entry must be in the bibliography list. You have only one pair of hands so use free AMA journal article citation generator to save yourself from a poor grade. It is the way that allows you to write your paper and simultaneously create the list of reference. Manual typing is out-fashioned. It is impossible to mention multiple authors keeping to AMA referencing style unless you are doing it automatically.

AMA Referencing Style for Journal Article

There are several pieces of advice which will help you to succeed in creating the bibliography. First of all, you need to know for sure which referencing style is required for writing your paper. Many students commit a common mistake and do not follow the teacher’s requirements. Please, pay attention to what your instructor is saying and read a guideline. It contains general demands for writing assignments. One of the most widely used referencing styles is AMA (American Medical Association). So, find online citation generator and choose the type of material you are working with. If it is a journal article – click on it. Examine the following example and do the same in your list of reference:

Author of Webpage: Smeenk, Tomico, & van Turnhout.

Title of Webpage: A systematic analysis in Empathic design: Not One perspective encompasses all.

Name of Website: International Journal of Design ISSN: 2015-036X (online)

Date Accessed/Viewed: 15.02.2017

AMA format citation generator for journal article will automatically form your citation.

Your reference can be more concise or more detailed. It depends on the amount of the information provided by the author. Apart from it, we strongly recommend adding new entries to your bibliography gradually. According to AMA style 10th edition, such point as ACCESSED in your reference informs your teacher about the day you have visited all online sources. Consequently, you’d rather be careful with it. It will show how many days you dedicated to writing your term paper. Many students sweetly tell their instructors that they have spent 5 months of hard daily work to learn the rules to the AMA referencing style for journal article. However, their bibliography says the opposite: The Accessed Information indicates that a student made up the paper during 4 days.

AMA in-Text Journal Citation

The full reference you have got is linked with an in-text citation. Mark your journal article citation with a corresponding number in a chronological order. Here you can find several examples of in-text citations:

  • The researcher’s3 findings proves…
  • A new law was drastically criticized by the US.32
  • Pay attention to the following theory of J. Atkinson1-3 … (NB: use a hyphen in order to indicate a couple of cited sources in a row: 1, 2, 3).
  • The article by Smeenk, Tomico, & van Turnhout12(p.8) is an example of…
  • Dr. Jacob’s theory3(p12),9, refutes Dr. Kennedy’s stereotype11(p8,19) … (NB: AMA in-text journal citation style recommends adding a page number if you are using the same source one more time).
  • The research conducted by a group of Swedish scholars,3,9-14,16 (NB: use a comma to cite different sources).