AMA Format Citation Generator for Newspaper Article

Whenever you need to write an urgent paper it makes you stay up all night long. It results in a ready assignment though with no list of reference. No matter how well you have prepared your task it will be graded poorly. Take into account the following fact if a paper is deprived of a reference list it is doomed to failure. That is why start preparing your bibliography gradually. If your teacher assigned you to write your course paper in AMA referencing style look up AMA style 10th edition on the Internet.  It contains the latest changes which have been implemented. In this article we are going to tell you how online citation generator works when you deal with newspapers.

AMA Referencing Style for a Newspaper

Firstly, you need to figure out how free AMA newspaper citation generator functions. Here we are going to present you a concise instruction. Once you have found AMA newspaper citation generator the first thing you do is inserting a website address of your article into a needed window. AMA referencing style for a newspaper will be quickly done automatically. Upon placing the website address you will see:

Author of Webpage: Edward Lucas

Title of Webpage: Our ignorance opens the door to cybercriminals

Name of Website: The Times

Date Accessed/Viewed: 15.02.2017

On pressing the button “generate” you will get the full reference that looks like that:


  1. Lucas E. Our ignorance opens the door to cybercriminals. the Times. Accessed February 15, 2017.

This is the example of correctly done reference by means of AMA format citation generator for newspaper article. Don’t forget to write a superscript above in order to indicate the passage which prompted you to certain conclusions.

You will breeze through creating your bibliography thanks to technologies of 21st century. Nowadays, there is no need for boring manual typing.

AMA in-Text Newspaper Citation

Now, let’s take an example when you need to create AMA in-text newspaper citation. We are using such a source as The Guardian. The algorithm of your actions is the same as with the previous example. Mind the number of the superscript placing above: “And women have to become incredibly modest and flawless, hiding a past that had very often embraced modernity but that couldn’t keep on embracing it.” ² This is your in-text citation number 2. This figure links your citation with the list of reference. Insert the web address of your article. Here what you have:

Author of Webpage: Sam Johns

Title of Webpage: Voices of Spanish women

Name of Website: The Guardian

Date Accessed/Viewed: 15.02.2017

Afterward, press the button “generate” firmly and get your reference linked with in-text citation.

The challenge of newspaper article citation is not so scary. If your assignment contains 100 pages or even more the list of reference might be placed on 10 pages. It will take you a short period of time including the part with AMA citation generator.

We hope this article will be of a great help for student who are faced with AMA referencing style. Carry out requirements of your teachers at the highest level!