AMA Format Citation Generator for Website

It is clear that writing a paper requires reading piles of books. Not only libraries will help you find the necessary information but websites as well. Nowadays, in the epoch of advanced technologies students tend to choose the Internet over visiting libraries. That is why free AMA website citation generator was invented to make your life easier. We are going to explain how to make a list of reference in a right way. It should be done with a mathematical precision otherwise your teacher will lower your grade. The good news is you are not going to do by hand. Copy and Paste functions will help you get a necessary result. Just follow our instructions.

AMA Referencing Style for a Website

For you to create a list of reference in AMA referencing style for a website you need to find online citation generator. It is free and no pop-up window asking you to pay will not appear. So, copy the address of your website and paste it in a website slot. Do not forget to choose AMA citation. This referencing style has a couple of variations with peculiar to them modifications. You can look them up in AMA style 10th edition. However, here is presented the updated information according to the latest referencing standards. After entering the website address you will get the following information:

Here’s what we found!

Continue to the final step to edit the information below, and then generate your citation:

We found:

Article title: The Omnipresent Lin-Manuel Miranda is the Holder of AP Entertainer
Website title: Get Hamilton Tickets

We could not find:

  • Authors
  • Publisher
  • Publication date

Move on to the final step. You will get AMA format citation generator for website:

Year published: 2017

Page Title: The Omnipresent Lin-Manuel Miranda is the Holder of AP Entertainer

Website Name: Get Hamilton Tickets

Publisher: the publisher of the document

Access date: 14 February 2016

It is a piece of cake, isn’t it? Afterwards, your citation of a website will look like that:

The Omnipresent Lin-Manuel Miranda is the Holder of AP Entertainer

In-text: 1

Your Bibliography: 1. The Omnipresent Lin-Manuel Miranda is the Holder of AP Entertainer. Get Hamilton Tickets. 2017. Available at: Accessed February 14, 2017.

AMA in-Text Website Citation

As you can see your web citation is written above while beneath it there is a numerical link (in-text 1). It is the number which connects your in-text citation with the full reference in the bibliography. No matter how many in-text citations you will have they will be linked with numbers in a chronological order. It is really comfortable to work with an online article and simultaneously work on your bibliography creating AMA in-text website citation. When you have created a good stack of in-text citation you can choose three available options: copy and paste bibliography citation, copy and paste in-text citation and check for grammar. Your online bibliography will be quickly transferred on your Word page.

We do hope this article has cleared your vision of AMA referencing style. By means of online citation generator the longest part of your work will turn into the fastest!