Why should I Use APA Format Citation Generator for eBook?

  • The high speed of data processing allows to effectively perform eBooks citation.
  • The program organizes elements in the correct sequence, taking into account punctuation according to the APA style 6th edition.
  • A considerable amount of time and effort required to develop citation in accurate manner is saved. Frees up time and resources can be used to improve the quality of the paper.
  • The process of arranging the format or style of paper submission becomes easier. If you use e-book citation generator, it is not necessary to change the format of each document, only entered details.

Hint: For eBooks, it is enough to specify their URL. In addition, it is possible to generate the APA bibliographical descriptions of other types of sources, but with filling all the necessary attributes.

APA Referencing Style for eBook from Kindle Edition and Database

The book, which can be read from iPad, Kindle, and other sources, will be cited in the manner similar to the citation of printed book, but including the information about electronic version edition and its URL. Also, APA Referencing Style for eBook needs to insert available DOI for database citing. Mentioned referencing format should be used in case the book can be found only in a digital version or it is problematic to have its printed version.

  • Example: Warburton, N. (2013). Philosophy: The Basics [Kindle HDX version]. Retrieved from https://www.amazon.com/Philosophy-Basics-Nigel-Warburton-ebook/dp/B00EPE1VPU
  • Example: Wilson, S. K., Wilson, S. G. and Biglieri, E. (2016). Academic Press Library in Mobile and Wireless Communications: Transmission Techniques for Digital Communications. Retrieved from http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-12-398281-0.09992-0

APA format citation generator for eBook cites competently formed links to web resources. Thus, the work with bibliographic software becomes more convenient, as for some books and articles there are already finished cards on the Internet that can be imported into the program easily.

How to Form APA in text eBook citation?

An in text citation, which includes the writer’s last name and the year of the eBook’s printing, should be put in parentheses exactly after a direct quotation.

As provided by the APA in text eBook citation will be inserted at the end of the sentence, because the source was applied, however, not referred to directly.

When the number of writers is equal to six or over, the first writer’s last name will be cited and ensued by et al.

If different works of one author are quoted with one year of publication, online citation generator arranges references in alphabetical order according to the name of writer’s work; for ease of citation within the text when referring to these works, uppercase letters (a, b, c, d …) are put close to a year of publication to distinguish them.

You can trust Our free APA eBook citation generator for sure as it allows saving time spent on preparation of citation; effectively implementing citation at all stages of completing the paper and improving its quality; more quickly and confidently fixing the mistakes, knowing that there is a tool that allows you to automatically check the important aspects of the citation process.