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When you assigned a research assignment, you have to follow some guidelines to ensure that your document is up to the standard required. One of the prompts is the writing style that your instructor has indicated. Through, various disciplines have specific formats; you have to format your paper according to the required specification. On this article, we will provide with an APA journal citation guide and tips that will help you to reference your word efficiently.

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Overview of APA Referencing for Journals and Articles

Being a good researcher goes beyond collecting relevant information from different sources to use what you have gathered responsibly. Therefore, in this resource, you will find tips, examples, and procedure of citing a journal of whatever nature.

Writing an outstanding research paper requires enough time to gather resources, analyze and compile the information to form coherent content. Whether you are an experienced writer or a freshman in college, referencing can be a tedious and time-consuming process for you not just focusing to structuring the in-text citation and the bibliography correctly but as well doing it against time. However, when you use our APA online journal citation generator, you will save valuable time that you can spend to revise the paper to ensure that it contains all the information you wanted to include as well as to ensure that it has no errors and mistakes that can lead to deduction of crucial points. With the existence of several writing styles on different sources, it can be challenging to remember all the formats and structures. It can, therefore, be easy to mistake one form from another and thus can make you lose points on your paper for not citing correctly. But, with a reliable APA citation journal article tool, you don’t have to memorize all the formatting standards for each resource. In case you need to familiarize with the general rules about APA writing style you can look for the APA 6th edition guide or use the examples and structures highlighted here.

APA referencing structure:

  • Author. Use the last name, the initials of the first and middle names
  • Date. Include the year of publication
  • Title. Journal name or title of the periodical,
  • Volume. Issue of the article
  • Page number or range
  • DoI or digital object identifier or the URL


Kahn, S. E., Hull, R. L., & Utzschneider, K. M. (2006). Mechanisms linking obesity to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Nature, 444(7121), 840.

As we all know, journals can be different such as printed or online journals. For APA citation online journal, you can include the DOI or the URL for the source.

Advantages of Using Our Tool for APA Citation Format Journal Article

By citing correctly, you provide your reader with an opportunity to locate the journals or articles you have used. Many resources have the same or similar information that you have used, but for your audience to understand the topic you have written about, they can refer directly to the materials that you used. With citing the exact journal, the reader will have an easy time to locate them, thus understanding the message.

Also, when you use the correct APA journal citation format, your paper can show the credibility of the writer. If for instance, your article gets into the hands of a reader who doesn’t know you, they can be able to tell whether you are an excellent researcher while as one of the attributes is credibility.

In academic research, plagiarism is a serious ‘crime’ as cheating, and it has severe consequences if found committed on your paper. To avoid it, you have to accurately use the correct APA citation format journal article when in-text citing or referencing the sources. Failure to that, the grade on your paper can be lowered, thus affecting your academic goal of achieving a perfect degree. When researching, you will encounter APA citation journal article online with single, multiple writers as well as others with no authors details.

Here is APA journal citation example for a journal with more than one authors:

  • 2 or more authors:

Fang, X., Misra, S., Xue, G., & Yang, D. (2012). Smart Grid — The New and Improved Power Grid: A Survey. IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, 14(4), 944-980. doi:10.1109/surv.2011.101911.00087

For the intext citing: (Fang, Misra, Xue, & Yang, 2012, p. xx)

  • 6 or more authors:

Lindell, M. K., Prater, C. S., Gregg, C. E., Apatu, E. J., Huang, S., & Wu, H. C. (2015). Households’ immediate Responses to the 2009 American Samoa Earthquake and Tsunami. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 12, 328-340. doi:10.1016/j.ijdrr.2015.03.003

For the In-text citation, (Lindell et al., 2015, p. xx)

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