APA Format Citation Generator for Newspaper Article is Applicable for Printed Version

Newspapers are special periodicals containing news, social, advertising, analytical information and illustrations. Our Online citation generator will professionally cite all newspaper articles after their details will be introduced into the program.

The structure of newspaper article citation will be in this way:

The Last name of the writer with his/her initials is followed by the Date of newspaper’s publication. Then the article’s title should be properly given. After that it is important to provide with the newspaper’s title in italics and number of pages, on which it was printed. The example below will clarify described order of APA referencing style for a newspaper:

  • Example: Hernandez, A. R. (2017, February 12). County’s Car Perk is Region’s Most Generous. The Washington Post, pp. C1, C7.

Note: In case the newspaper article is published on several pages, they should be separated with the comma.

APA Referencing Style for a Newspaper in Internet Version

The online newspaper article will be cited in the reference list as same as the printed one, but after the newspaper’s title, it is necessary to insert its web link (based on the guidelines of the latest APA style 6th edition).

  • Example: Hernandez, A. R. (2017, February 12). County’s Car Perk is Region’s Most Generous. The Washington Post. Retrieved from http://thewashingtonpost.newspaperdirect.com/epaper/viewer.aspx

Bear in mind that use of the ideas and researches of others without reference is totally a plagiarism. Avoid plagiarism and actively quote colleagues, giving due respect to their scientific work.

Dear Authors, please, Stick to the Following Tips for APA in Text Newspaper Citation

1. In text citation requires putting writer’s Last name excluding initials and the year of printing without a full date. This rule relates to both printed and Internet versions of the newspaper article.

Example: Annually, over USD 110 thousand are spent by the state administration of Prince George’s County for personal needs of government members, namely taking automobiles to home and car allowances (Hernandez, 2017).

2. In compliance with APA in text newspaper citation, please, do not insert any other details specified above, for example, the newspaper’s title.

3. Remember that APA format citation generator for newspaper article does not request the date of access to the electronic version of the article.

4. To get assistance with the proper reference of sources by means of online APA citation generator, please, be sure you are giving the details of the electronic format of newspaper article, not the website, where it was found.

The way how the publications of the author, organization, newspaper, magazine, and country will be considered, their citation will be determined, and how these data will be used for the determination of the relevance of scientific trends and case studies, depends on the correct preparation of lists of cited resources. Our free APA newspaper citation generator was developed for allowing different academicians and researchers to support the findings of their investigations and help the reader to understand the place of their work in the context of previous studies and theories.