ASA Format Citation Generator for Newspaper Article – Get Your Work Referenced Well

ASA is a well-known formatting style widely used by sociologists and other researchers who work in the sphere of social sciences. However, students from all over the world know it as an academic style they have to use for their papers. This is a convenient, but not the easiest format of all. It doesn’t use footnotes like Harvard and Chicago/Turabian, however, there are other aspects that require special attention.

If you take a look at ASA style 5th edition guide, you will see that there is a number of nuances connected with this style. Different sources should be cited and referenced in different ways and students should keep in mind all the smallest details of every case. There are different rules for citing books, magazines, journals, and even for creating a newspaper article citation. What is more, there are different rules for online and offline sources, too. This might sound overwhelming for a student, who already has to focus on finding enough relevant sources, producing an A-winning paper content, and editing his draft. But you cannot create a good and persuasive work without including quotations from the peer-reviewed sources. Moreover, most professors and teachers pay too much attention for correct formatting and sometimes put lower grades when the requirements are not followed properly.

You need quotations in your text to support your arguments with evidence, so you cannot go without at least one in text citation in your essay, term paper, or article. You need to include quotations in your text to make your paper look professional and sound credibly. So a free ASA newspaper citation generator is a valuable service that will not only save your time, but also save you from unpleasant surprises like underscoring. Rely on our tool any time you need correctly-formatted quotations for your paper!

ASA referencing style for a newspaper – How to use our tool?

Well, when you need ASA format citation generator for newspaper article, you should visit our website and just type the important information into the required fields. To get a correctly formatted source for your reference page, make sure to type the following:

  • The author’s name
  • The author’s initials
  • Article title
  • Newspaper title
  • Date of publication
  • Issue #

That’s all, your ASA referencing style for a newspaper is done! Just locate this line in your reference page and you are done! Don’t forget that the sources on your reference page should be listed in the alphabetical order.

ASA in text newspaper citation created with the help of our tool

It is also easy to create a correct ASA in text newspaper citation using our website. To get correct in-text quotations, you just have to include the author’s surname, years of publishing and number of pages used (if needed). This information is usually located at the end of a quoted sentence of paraphrased paragraph. And this is how it looks like:

  • As we have understood from the research data… (Brown, 2010, pp. 3).

If you include the author’s name in a quotations, then your mark will look as follows:

  • As Brown assumes in his research… (2010, pp. 3).

When you use our online citation generator to create quotations and references, you save your time and energy. Make sure to double-check all the quotations you have included in your text and don’t forget to get credits on a reference page! So use our helpful tool and good luck with your papers!