Benefits of Creating Your Chicago Bibliography Using This Tool

In academics, professors require that all college students cited acknowledge and credit other people’s work. Besides losing points or getting a zero for handing in a plagiarized paper, universities also suspend students who frequently hand in plagiarized papers.  Also, copyright laws propose stringent measures on copy right culprits. So, as a history student, you are obliged to adhere to the same. In every paper you prepare should have both a Chicago bibliography as well as a Chicago style annotated bibliography.  Nevertheless, listing all sources, used as per the Chicago style bibliography format is quite taxing in terms of time and energy. It takes a lot of patient and diligence.  However, using the Chicago style bibliography maker eases everything for you.  You do not have to scrutinize your sources manually anymore.   The next section guides you on how to evaluate your sources using this helpful tool.

Evaluating Chicago Style Annotated Bibliography and Chicago Style Bibliography

Do you know that the credibility of your sources can have a significant impact on your grade? Using this citation generating tool gives you questions that can guide in evaluating your Chicago style bibliography sources. The good news is that this comes at no extra cost. You can access this service after registering. The next section gives the critical areas that our tool provides to you.

Bibliography Chicago Style Evaluation Questions For Annotated Bibliography Chicago Style in Chicago Style Format Bibliography

  • Author/ Contributor

This section gives questions about whether the author is well-known, frequently published, available reviews on his or her work, and how easy it to get the author’s contacts.

  • Publisher

Does the publisher have a website? Is he or she respected in the industry? How selective is the author in his publication?

  • Currency

When was the bibliography Chicago style published? When was the source updated? Which version are you citing and how does it impact on your paper?

  • Accuracy

Does the author’s argument appear elsewhere? Is the argument backed by data and other sources? What source of information are you interested in? Is the information free of grammatical and spelling errors? Does the Chicago style format bibliography contain a dead link?

  • Relevance

Is the tone used casual or academic? Is the tone appealing to academic readers? Can the source’s topic be understood by someone from a different field of specialization? Which audience does the source target? Is the audience similar to yours or the target audience is different?

  • Bias

If the source is a website, does it have ads? Do the ads affect the content? Is the source persuasive or argumentative? Is the source meant to inform or entertain? What is the author’s tone of voice? Does the author seem to present one side of the argument? If the source has a counter argument, how does he or she present it?

  • Citations

Does the author credit his or her sources of information? Do the sources of information used seem legitimate? What sources refer to the ones you intent to use? Does the annotated bibliography Chicago style used appear legitimate?

  • Reproduced

Is this the original source? Has the source been reproduced? If yes, when was it reproduced? Does the source have copyright information or source on the original source?

  • Complete

How much information can we learn from the source about a certain topic? Does the source talk about a broad topic or a small section of a certain topic? Are there popular sources of the topic other than this one?

  • Credible

After going through the above guideline questions, does the source seem credible?

Want all this done for you, use this auto-cite tool.

Use chicago citation generator to cite all your college papers

This citation generation tool helps you to accurately cite all the information sources used in your research paper. Sign up and enjoy its features.

Now that you know what Chicago bibliography generator is, let me teach you to use this tool. As I mentioned earlier, you can use this software in two modes. Either as a premium user or free version mode user that has limited access. I, therefore, encourage you to join other premium users. Bibliography generator Chicago sign up process is as easy as ABC.

  1. Click the premium user icon.
  2. Click sign up. Here you can either join via Facebook or Google plus.
  3. Select the payment options; either monthly, quarterly or annually.
  4. Select your payment option. We use Visa.
  5. Enter your payment details.
  6. Click ok.

After clicking ok button, you will get a confirmation message congratulating you for choosing the selected service, or informing you that you can begin to enjoy unlimited access to all Chicago bibliography maker features.

Features of the Chicago Style Bibliography Generator

After signing up, you can use the following features to make your bibliography in Chicago style:

  • Bibliography Chicago Duo Search Option

The duo search feature allows you to generate Chicago format bibliography using the auto-fill mode or the manual entry mode. The first step in generating your bibliography is selecting the source of your information. If the source is a book, click the book icon. Then select the Chicago bibliography style. You can either search the book using the book title or the authors’ name. If you decide to search by name, you have to type the surname, and the first name or other names in the search boxes and press enter key or the search icon on your computer. The search results will appear. At this juncture, you can either add the bibliography manually or use the auto-cite mode.

Most users use the auto-fill mode to save time and avoid making errors.  Amazingly, the search results comprise of in-text citation and a complete reference. Your work is only to copy your Chicago annotated bibliography and paste it in the right section of your paper.

  • Auto-Title Page Creation Option

The title page feature helps you to create a title page for your paper automatically. To create a title page, click the title page tab on the top section of the page. Create a title page appears. Choose the writing style, either Chicago, APA, or MLA. Type your title, sub-title, running head, your first and last name, the name of institution, and paper format; DOCX or HTML.  The final step is to click the create title page button. A title page will automatically be generated for you.

  • Writing Resource Guide

This feature gives you resources and guides on how to cite papers in popular styles namely APA, MLA and Chicago style. For the tool to provide you with an annotated bibliography, you only need to select the annotated bibliography Chicago icon.

  • Self-Service Option

Clicking contact us icon connects you to support center for help. The page has all the frequently asked questions and their answers. So, before contacting the administration for help, you can first read the frequently asked questions section. In case your question does not match the listed ones, you can type it in the box provided. Then click search button or the enter key on your personal computer. Your search results will pop up of the screen after a few seconds. Read through the replies provided. If you are still not content up to this point, you can go further to contact our support team. A member of our support team will reply to you as soon as possible.

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