Fundamentals of Creating an Excellent MLA Bibliography

In the MLA citation style, the writer has to include a Works Cited page at the end of the paper. All the reference entries in the Works Cited section have to correspond to the in-text citations within the paper. Some of the fundamental rules when it comes to creating an MLA bibliography include:

  • Beginning the page for the Works Cited section on a separate page at the end of the work. The Works Cited page should also have the same one-inch margins, the surname of the author in the header, and the number of the page.
  • The page with all the sources used should be labeled Works Cited. The title ‘Works Cited’ should not be italicized or placed in quotation marks. The title should be centered at the very top of the page.
  • All the references should be double spaced. Writers should, however, not skip any spaces between the entries.
  • The second and all subsequent lines in each reference should be indented to a hanging indent by about 0.5 inches.
  • The exact numbers of the pages from which the information used were obtained from should be indicated efficiently. If the information was obtained from a span of pages, a hyphen should be used to separate the pages from the first page to the last page where the writer obtained the information from. For instance, if an author obtained their information from page 215 to page 245 of a given source, it should be indicated as 215-245.
  • If the writer happens to cite an article or any other form of publication that was initially released in print but in their research they obtained the information from a database on the internet, they should always type the name of that online database in italics. They are, however, not required to provide any information regarding the subscription to that particular database.

Additional Fundamental Rules of Using the MLA Bibliography Format

The process of creating citations and references using the MLA bibliography format is quite complicated, especially to inexperienced writers. Even seasoned writers make errors when creating citations and references using this citation style. The annotated bibliography MLA citation style, even though it can be a little complicated, can be easily learned and mastered.

When scholars and students write a paper or any writing project, they always seek information from various sources such as websites, books, scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals and numerous other types of sources. All these information combined with the writers’ ideologies form the complete project. As such, it is imperative to create an MLA annotated bibliography to indicate the information acquired from these sources and their respective sources. Since it is not up to standard to place sources of information such as newspaper articles, websites, books, journal articles, and other information sources in scholarly works, it is crucial to create an annotated bibliography for these sources. Some more additional rules of using the MLA format in creating a bibliography include:

  • If a writer has used online sources, they should include the location of the source. A majority of scholarly databases use the digital object identifier (DOI). However, if the DOI is not available, the writer can use the source’s URL.
  • All bibliographical entries must have a period in the end. This rule might sound obvious, but you would be surprised to learn how many writers forget to place a period at the end of each bibliographical entry.

Is it Advisable to Get Help in Creating a Bibliography Using the Annotated Bibliography MLA Format

The complexity of creating perfect bibliographies using the annotated bibliography MLA format makes it extremely difficult for students and other inexperienced writers to prepare bibliographies for their work. Therefore, a majority of these writers opt to seek help in creating their bibliography. Fortunately, there are numerous services like ours are dedicated to offering help to writers in need. Our service offers an MLA bibliography generator that aids writers to prepare their bibliographies with little difficulty.

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The bibliography is usually placed at the end of any paper written using the MLA format so that, after reading, the readers can take time in trying to comprehend all the bibliographical entries and the additional information that the writer would like the readers to go through. It is important for writers to share this additional information with their audiences to give the audience some insight into how the writers wrote the paper. Also, it is useful to share this additional information about external sources with the audience to make them understand where the writer is coming from in regards to their point of view in writing up their scholarly papers.

How to Get Help in Creating an MLA Citation Bibliography

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