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How Using a Reference Letter Example Can Help You in Writing

April 03rd 2019
A reference letter, also known as a recommendation letter, is a document whereby the writer evaluates the characteristics, qualities, and capabilities of the individual being recommended. It is usually a positive endorsement of the individual’s character, skills, and accomplishments by somebody familiar. The criteria under assessment are usually the person’s ability to undertake a particular function or task. Those aspiring to write this type of letter but have no skill can massively learn from reading a reference letter example. These letters are usually related to employment, scholarships, and admissions to an institute of higher learning.  In the case of a job application, the letter is commonly referred to as an employment reference.  Most institutions specifically request a recommendation letter to be written about an individual. Companies might also need to be referred by an organization while bidding for contracts especially in the fields of consultancy, engineering construction, and industry. Those seeking tenders and public procurement need reference letters that can be used to assess their ability to deliver the desired level of service. In some applications, an applicant can be offered a chance to determine whether their letters can be viewed or not. However, it is always recommended to allow your letter to be viewed since it shows you are confident about your recommendation. Types of Reference Letter Examples There are two major types of reference letter...

MLA Citation Example That Comes in Handy and Where to Get It

April 03rd 2019
The modern language association or the (MLA) represents an organization dedicated to the development of the MLA writing style. It got developed by a group of researchers who felt they needed to standardize papers in the fields of language and literature. MLA format is arguably the easiest to use and also allows for effective reading. Currently, many other fields have adopted this writing format. If you need to know how an MLA paper looks like, you can download a good MLA citation example from our website to learn more about this format. The most current MLA edition is the 8th edition released in April 2016. Within the handbook, you shall find instructions on MLA citation in addition to all the guidelines to follow while submitting your paper. This article, therefore, places its focus on paper formatting, in-text citations as well as citing a website. To get a deeper insight, you can use our MLA citation examples. Formatting a Paper in MLA Style Properly Before making any citations, you should ensure that your paper is written by the specific formatting rules. First, you should create the MLA header. There are two methods for creating your header. In the first method, you can place your heading at the top of the first page. Whereas in the second method you can place it just at the front of the assignment. Your header should include the following: Student’s Name Instructor’s name Course Date Insert your title below the due date. Write it in bold and do not underline,...
chicago style citation example

Get Expert Citation Help Using a Chicago Style Citation Example

April 03rd 2019
Some students find it challenging to write a paper in Chicago format. This writing format is radically different compared to APA or MLA format. The reason is that a writer needs to insert footnotes, endnotes as well as the bibliographic entries. Nevertheless, the Chicago writing style is still the most utilized writing style guides within the United States. Its use is common, especially in the humanities. This style also allows writers to insert comments within the cited sources. The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) deals with various aspects of editorial tasks from the preparation of documents to American English grammar. It is also a useful tool in case you are looking for a Chicago style citation example. The Basic Rules to Note Using a Chicago Style Example While going through Chicago style example, you will notice that two systems are usually observed. These are the Author-date system and the Notes & Bibliography system. However, the most commonly used method is the notes & bibliography system whereby the user has to include footnotes, endnotes, and a bibliography. However, it is still a good idea to confirm with your professor which system is applicable in your paper. If you need more information about these systems, you can download a Chicago citation example via our company. Page Formatting Regarding page formatting, ensure that your paper has 1-inch margins all over. Your font is supposed to be times the new Roman 12-point size. Use double spacing, and your...