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how to avoid plagiarism

How to avoid plagiarism: practical advice from Cite4Me?

December 11th 2017
When you`re creating a story of your own first you consult with Google and see what the internet has to say about your topic. That`s how you can understand the matter of your paper in a greater detail and that`s how you formulate your own opinion to actually put it into words. And that is the moment many of us make a mistake. Even unintentionally, you can be guilty of using plagiarism, which is prohibited and can take its toll. That`s why you are to know how to avoid plagiarism and protect yourself from any dangers. First step on how to avoid plagiarism The very first thing to do is to understand the problem. What is plagiarism at all? What types of plagiarism are there? Let`s have a closer look at this matter. Plagiarism is viewed as a usage of words or ideas of the person other than the writer himself without quoting these phrases. Basically, it`s stealing information from one source and making it look as if it`s yours. Got it? Citing itself is great as it shows your diverse awareness and interest in the topic discussed. However, students tend to misunderstand what a literary theft is. Bear in mind that when you`re using improper citations or misquotations, paraphrasing in the obscure way, you become your own enemy. Basic rules on how to avoid plagiarism when writing Therefore, a complex question is disturbing students. That is «How to avoid plagiarism?» Don`t worry, there is a way out. Now that we`ve faced the problem we can take actions for avoiding plagiarism. It`s...

website citation APA

Cite websites in APA like a pro

December 11th 2017
With the rapid development of various online technologies, hundreds of new websites appear every day worldwide. That is why using these resources has become a routine activity for all research paper writers, and consequently, citing from websites turned out to be the most widespread type of citation. Today I`m going to reveal all the secrets of citing your sources in one of the A-list styles, which is, APA format. Keep reading to be in the loop! Why people use website citation APA? The first thing to bear in mind is that there no guidelines of how to refer to a website citation APA. Instead, there are some precise rules on how to cite different sources, which are available online. However, the general structure of citation looks like this: Author, A. (Year, Month Date of Publication). Article title. Retrieved from URL Be your own APA website citation generator Let`s understand what are the basic rules of website citation APA: 1) If you have no author or you simply don`t know whose masterpiece you`re citing in your papers, you should follow this format: Article title. (Year, Month Date of Publication). Retrieved from URL 2) The other case is when you need to transform a quote from a book found in a database/ e-book from an e-reader into a citation (what APA website citation generator would do in a few minutes). Here, you`ll have to stick to such structure: Author, A. (Year of Publication). Title of work. Retrieved from http://xxxx or DOI:xxxx 3) If you`re dealing with...

What is IEEE citation

IEEE writing format for in-text citations

November 30th 2017
Yeap, there are way too many citation styles and apart from widespread and over-utilized APA and MLA we also have IEEE citation, which proved to be a good alternative of the two formats mentioned above. What is IEEE citation? Well, first things first. IEEE citation stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics engineers writing style. It is a widely used format to conduct research papers in various technical fields as computer sciences and alike. It`s interesting to know that this style is based on the regulations of Chicago writing manual, but there is a difference. IEEE citation machine for in-text citations Speaking about IEEE citation generator one should understand how the citations inside the text are built up. It`s not obligatory to mention the name of the author, page used or date of publishing for the citations inside the body of the whole paper. Contrastingly, to other popular styles, in case with IEEE citation machine you`ll have to pay attention to the reference list of your paper. How is it connected? At the end of your paper you put a reference list, where sources you`ve used are listed numerically. So when you have to put in-text citations you place a number of the source (the number corresponds to the placement of a certain full citation in a reference list) in square brackets and that`s it. Particular characteristics of IEEE citation maker In case you are citing multiple sources at the same time, you are to list every number separately (in its own...