There are so many controversial and unsolved issues about all kind of citation making tools, websites, and gadgets that I`ve decided to bring some light to this subject. So keep on reading to be in the loop and know all the answers concerning «citation machine» matter.

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What is a citation machine?

I`m 100% sure that when you were to conduct academic papers, one of your top responsibilities was to make sure that you`ve used enough resources to prove your words in the text. By this I mean citations, of course. A citation can be a sentence, phrase, paragraph etc. When you include a citation in the body of your text, you tell the readers of your paper that particular data used in your work came from another source (I mean, that your research is based on another person`s thoughts or ideas). Moreover, a citation also includes information about the source itself (data about the author, title of the paper you`re citing, page numbers of the materials you`re borrowing and more). Therefore, any paid or free citation machine conducts citations the way they have to be formatted according to the requirements of a certain writing style. It can be a website, program, app or tool.

Is there a difference between a citation generator and a citation maker?

I won`t keep you guessing for a million years. No, there is absolutely no difference between these two terms as «generator» and «maker» are just synonyms. However, smart marketers are using it to create some sort of uniqueness of their products in the market. And if you`re reading this article, it proves that you`re buying into it. Whether you`re using a citation generator or citation maker, the result is one, – you get citations, which are formatted to comply with the rules of a certain writing style you`ve chosen.

How any paid or free citation machine works?

How any paid or free citation machine works?

For sure, each citation generator has its own mechanisms of work. I`ve selected two most popular methods of their work. The first one is an automated type, where the machines (a.k.a. computers programmed by IT specialists) do all the work. For instance, if we`re speaking about this citation machine, you are to understand that it`s based on the artificial intelligence technologies. Contrastingly, the second mechanism relies on human work (the old-fashioned type). Therefore, in this second kind, all the citations are conducted by writers and proofreaders. It is their job to make sure that regulations and guidelines of a particular writing style are being complied with. However, this is a time consuming and, let`s be honest, tedious procedure, so there may be some human-made mistakes. That is why my advice is to lean towards the first type of citation making tools, like Cite4me.

All in all, there are many citation making tools and gadgets and your task is to pick up what is best for you. I hope that this article was helpful for you and provided you with all the necessary answers. Good luck with your writing project.