Some students find it challenging to write a paper in Chicago format. This writing format is radically different compared to APA or MLA format. The reason is that a writer needs to insert footnotes, endnotes as well as the bibliographic entries.

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Nevertheless, the Chicago writing style is still the most utilized writing style guides within the United States. Its use is common, especially in the humanities. This style also allows writers to insert comments within the cited sources. The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) deals with various aspects of editorial tasks from the preparation of documents to American English grammar. It is also a useful tool in case you are looking for a Chicago style citation example.

The Basic Rules to Note Using a Chicago Style Example

While going through Chicago style example, you will notice that two systems are usually observed. These are the Author-date system and the Notes & Bibliography system. However, the most commonly used method is the notes & bibliography system whereby the user has to include footnotes, endnotes, and a bibliography. However, it is still a good idea to confirm with your professor which system is applicable in your paper. If you need more information about these systems, you can download a Chicago citation example via our company.

Page Formatting

Regarding page formatting, ensure that your paper has 1-inch margins all over. Your font is supposed to be times the new Roman 12-point size. Use double spacing, and your paper should be justified to the left. Your paragraph indents also need to be 0.5 inches. Number the pages at the top right corner of the paper. Begin numbering from the first page of the text. You can also use an example of Chicago style citation that showcases all this information.

The cover page needs to have a central title followed by your name underneath. After that, write your instructor’s name, course name, and date in descending order. All this information should be centrally aligned.

Numbers and Names

While writing names and numbers, use the full names of people as well as agencies the initial time. In case of agencies, put the acronym within parentheses after writing the full name when you are using it for the first time.

Footnotes and Endnotes

Footnotes are placed at the bottom of the page where referencing occurs. The endnotes are usually placed on a separate page after writing the body of the paper. Both footnotes and endnotes utilize the same formatting method. Within your essay, place your note number after the sentence where your reference occurs. This applies even when the cited information gets mentioned at the start of the sentence. Place the note number after the punctuation. Use a Chicago style in text citation example to learn more about this process. You can look at our Chicago in text citation example. It is available at an affordable cost.

You must use Arabic numerals, i.e. (1,2,3). Place the word notes at the top of the page together with the endnotes. The font size, in this case, needs to be Times New Roman 10-point font. Each entry needs to be single-spaced and use double space between two entries. The first line of each note must be indented. Ensure to look at the shortened form of examples for sources you refer more than once. In case you need to cite many sources within one note, separate two citations using a semicolon. However, the most effective way to understand all the information mentioned above is to take a look at our Chicago style citation example paper.

Why a Student Needs a Chicago Style Citation Example Paper

One common challenge students experience while writing a paper is a lack of proper knowledge about a given writing format. As such, they end up writing a poorly formatted paper that does not adhere to the rules of in-text citations as well as bibliographic entries. Instructors are usually very strict when it comes to proper citation. As a result, such students get penalized by being awarded low scores in their papers. To help them improve, they need to use examples of Chicago style citation papers.

Another issue some students face is the inability to submit papers on time. These students are usually very slow at conducting research, writing the paper and inserting references. Late submission of a paper can lead to disqualification from an academic program.

Excessive writing tasks at times cause much fatigue to the students. In such a condition, students are not able to place a proper focus on their papers. This is as a result of fatigue. Therefore, they need Chicago citation style example papers.

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