Writing an essay, a term paper, or a thesis takes much time for the majority of students. And when one has done the whole job of data gathering, analysing, creative thinking, and writing, it`s high time to format your paper. This means that you are to decide on the writing style to format your document in and tailor the entire text to meet the specifications of a writing style. Of course, professional writers recommend doing it at the initial stage of content generation, but, let`s face it, everybody remembers about style at the end. There two ways to format your papers. First is to do it manually, and second is to use a particular citation management tool. In this article, we`re going to talk about the last one.

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So any citation management tool is an online gadget or widget. It aims to create citations in the appropriate writing style both for the reference page and in-text citations.

A Citation Management Tool you can`t Resist

In the pool of citation management tools it`s easy to get lost, but don`t worry. Your perfect choice is cite4me that offers a great variety of paper formatting tools.

Citation Management Tool you can`t Resist

First of all, this company provides citation generation for free. So you type the source of the citation, indicate the details you know about the author of the source you`ve cited from, select the style of formatting and voila! Your citations are generated. It`s that simple!

Secondly, you can make use of the function «Fast Citation» to get a citation you need in the blink of an eye. The only thing you are to do is to register/ log in to the website and start typing the source`s title. Cite4me has a large database of academic papers, so your source is most likely at their base.  This is the exact print screen of what it looks like:

Citation Management Tool

Plus, you can get a reference page (or, as it is also called Bibliography) free of charge, too. Just press the «Bibliography» button, put necessary details in the fields on the website and the moment after…

Citation Management Tool

You are getting both an in-text citation and a part of your reference list. You can just copy it and attach to your paper. This is so easy and useful! Enjoy your one and only citation management tool, – cite4me.