You have watched an amazing movie and were intrigued by it. In the future, your lecturer tells you to write a reflection of your favorite movie. Immediately, ideas start to flow and you generate the most comprehensive synopsis, but you are caught in between an analytical or a normative view of things. This aside, you are tasked with the citation of the work you have completed. First, you notice that APA in text citations does not occur in the introduction. An introduction is the first part of your paper in which you sell an idea. The same applies to the conclusion in which you summarize everything. The American Psychology Association is the most common citation, but do not be deceived. Until you master the art of citing an ordinary book or journal, it will be hectic to do so, on a film or a movie. The 6th edition of APA citation is the latest and we would like to engage you in learning how to cite movies using the same format.

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Citing the Reference page

Before mastering the art of citation, I always had a difficult time identifying the right way to do the reference page after watching a movie. Make sure the producer’s name come first in the following order: the surname, initials of the second name a third name if it exists. The same should happen to the director’s name. Between the two names should be an (&) sign, which signifies that the Producer and the Director co-produced the film. This is typical of other APA referencing styles in which an author or co-authors are incorporated in order of relevance and superiority. After the names, include the year of release in parenthesis and the title of the film. Ensure that the title is documented in a way that each word is titled. Later include the country of origin and finality the production studio as listed below.

Producer, Initial of middle name. Initial of another name. , & Director, Initial of middle name. Initial of another name. (Release Year). Title of the Movie. Country of origin: Studio.

Notably, you should make sure that the reference is made in a “hanging” format. You should ensure that the references appear in alphabetical order. Contrarily, if you are citing the movie from a site such as, YouTube, or HULU, your are required to include the film’s URL to facilitate ease in identifying the movie. Make sure the format remains as indicated above, but the URL appears immediately after the title of the movie as indicated below

Producer, Initial of middle name. Initial of another name. , & Director, Initial of middle name. Initial of another name. (Release Year). Title of the Movie. Retrieved Month, Day, year, from URL (e.g

       Below is an example of a movie from which you can extract the following information.HOW TO CITE A MOVIE IN APA

Figure 1 EasyBib

Not everybody knows where to get the data and this image summarizes everything while reducing your efforts. APA citation in a movie is not any different from the ordinary texts. However, you must realize that the recognition of the director, the producer, and the URL are necessary depending on your source of information. In the next section, we will discuss how to cite in text. Various logistics are involved including the consistent use of italics and quotations, particularly when making reference to an occurrence or a scene in the media.

Citing a Film in APA (In text Citation)

Inside the text you may want to quote the words mentioned by a character or reference the paraphrased words. I have watched countless movies, but truth be told, I see people struggling everyday to create an original analysis of the same work. Sometimes you are only requested to write the paper’s synopsis, but it is paramount that you recognize the sources of information. Ensure that the surname of the director and the producer appears first followed by a comma and later the year of release. Place the information in a parenthesis. When there is a direct quotation, ensure that the words appear in quotation marks. In case you want to repeat the name of the film in the text, italicize it. Alternatively, capitalize each word. In in-text citation, you can use (and) instead if (&) if the director and the producer’s names are outside the parenthetical format as described below

Alternative 1

(Director’s Surname & Producer’s Surname, Year of release)

Alternative 2

Director’s Surname and Producer’s Surname (Year of release) mentions….

Alternative 3

According to Director’s Surname and Producer’s Surname (Year of release)

These formats should not scare you at all. With several attempts, you will be a master at what you do. For example, if you want to include the sentiments shared by a particular character, mention the scene number and the name of the occurrence while ensuring that they appear in a parenthesis. Furthermore, use quotation marks or capitalize the words that are used within the particular scene. However, do not use excessive quotations as this will sabotage the quality of your work. you do not want to be a victim of plagiarism, but at the same time you want people to understand what you are saying.


I would like to make work easy for you by ensuring that in text citation in a movie is achieved with the highest level of perfection. Ensure that your primary sources are gathered and arranged properly. This includes the names of the contributors and writes down the information they shared. This will not only assist you in paraphrasing, but also create room for proper APA citation.

Secondly, you will realize that sometimes you have to cite an episode in the film. This is the part where you are citing a movie that has been documented in a book or an existing review. For this part, use the same method applied when citing a book’s chapter, but ensures that the names of the director, producer, editor, and the script writer are included. APA citation offers you a huge platform to learn about other styles including Chicago, MLA, Harvard, and AMA.

In text cite from YouTube

Besides citing from a book, you may realize that you want to in text cite from YouTube or any other database. In this type of video, use the screen names instead of the real names of characters. For example, try to use “Nick Cannon” the name and not “Josh” the character. Movies are included in the category of motion pictures. For this reason, their citation formats vary from the ordinary texts you write daily. However, exceptions are made if the company does not share the actual names of the characters.

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