There aren’t many instructions online regarding how to cite a powerpoint presentation. However, MLA’s 8th edition makes it possible to cite all your powerpoint presentation with ease. The style is somewhat similar to the one used in humanities and literature topics, but it also has glaring differences. When it comes to citing a powerpoint mla style, students should not be in a rush to tick all the boxes and finish their citation.

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There are tips to follow and depending on your tutor’s instruction, going at it by the book can prompt a rewrite. If you don’t know how to cite powerpoint mla style, this article will be of great help seeing we intend to explore both the style and the tips that can help your essay earn top marks. While on paper it might seem like a complicated process, citing powerpoint mla style is much easier once you understand what is required.

Even then, you have to follow your lecturer’s special instructions as well as some of the tips we’ll share below to ensure you make the correct powerpoint citation.

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Do you wish to cite powerpoint mla style? Perhaps the presentation contains some notes or statistics from a book or website. Before quoting any powerpoint presentation, ensure that all the names of all involved parties are available. While you might not need all the names, they are vital seeing they can be used throughout the presentation in the parenthesis.

Below is a list showing how to cite a powerpoint mla style.

  • Names (last then first)
  • The title of the presentation
  • Name of the event
  • Location
  • The date of the presentation
  • Type of lecture

A lot of students know how to cite a powerpoint in mla, but get confused when different guidelines are provided. Most people also go online for help with their powerpoint citation after a few failed tries. However, it might not have been there in most previous versions, but the 8th edition made mla cite powerpoint presentations. The formatting is similar to that of a mla paper, especially in your presentation’s introduction.

Powerpoint presentations require a parenthesis, and the works cited page at the end of your essay. As such, the biggest hurdle for students or anyone citing such presentations is not finding the information but placing it where it’s needed. Let’s have a look at some of the tips that can guide you to citing your powerpoint presentation with prowess.

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When trying to cite a powerpoint mla style, the first thing you should do is include a parenthetical citation and a figure note to your web image. As such, the image won’t be crowded with information once you open the first page of your presentation. Your mla powerpoint citation already has all the information at the end of your presentation and accessing it is also easy. Not to mention, hyperlinking source citations and images is also an excellent way of improving your mla citation powerpoint.

Another tip to improve your powerpoint citation mla style is remembering to use citations in case of any paraphrasing or quotations. While a clip art is also considered part of a powerpoint presentation, it doesn’t require citation. Lastly, if the digital image you wish to cite doesn’t have a title, you can describe the image and still make the citation. However, do not use quotation marks for the illustrated images.

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The procedure regarding how to cite a professor’s powerpoint mla style is similar to that used for conferences. However, it follows the same rules as the mla citation for powerpoint description given above. When citing your professor, include their name followed by the title of the presentation and name of the conference. Follow these details up with the venue, the city, the date the lecture was given, and the kind of lecture.

For those who don’t know how to cite a slideshow, you can use the procedure above to come up with a proper citation. However, if you can’t comprehend the instructions given or found it hard to finish your citation, we can complete the process for you. If you wish to cite a powerpoint presentation from a computer, make sure you use the digital file format. As such, you are required to fill in as much information as possible regarding the author(s) name, the name of the presentation, and the file creation date.

More so, you are also required to add the medium at the end of it all such as powerpoint presentation. Remember always to adjust any figures that are located next to your images as well as table numbers just like you would when citing a paper using the mla format. Considering that most tables are usually made up of figures, include a source note at the bottom of every table with a complete citation. Again, this might be hard for newbies, but you will be relieved to know that we offer these services at standardized prices.

With the information above, you should be able to provide at least the works cited for a powerpoint presentation without a hassle. The arrangement is simple, and the style is similar to the one used in essay citations. The last name will always follow the first name, and the two are separated by a comma. In case there is more than one creator, simply put a comma after the full stop on the last name and repeat the process.

For best results, make sure that you get at least two names from the creators to make your powerpoint citation easier.

Exactly how do you cite a powerpoint in mla?

The question, how do you cite a powerpoint in mla might seem like a hard one, but the process is not complicated. Examples of mla citing powerpoint presentations are all over the web, but not all of them can be trusted. The information provided above regarding mla citing a powerpoint presentation is verified by the 8th edition mla and is what most companies and schools use when making their citations.

If you still don’t know how to cite a ppt in mla format, use our expertise to at least get an idea of how to do it. We have a team of highly dedicated professionals who work round the clock to ensure your powerpoint citation is of high-quality and is delivered on time. We also have a long list of clients who can attest to our prowess as well as their referrals who are equally as pleased.

Regardless of the instructions provided by your professor or boss, we can still make you the best citation. We are also well-versed with other styles such as apa and Harvard or even Chicago and can cite essays, powerpoint presentations, a movie or even your notes from class. Not everybody has the time to follow the process above. As such, we implore you to try our services and save time while improving the quality of your powerpoint presentation.