According to MLA citing a short story include the last name of the author and the page number without including punctuations between the name and page number for example; (John 33). For the purposes of adding short quotes, quotation marks should be added around the part where the information seems to be borrowed from other literatures to avoid plagiarism. The end of a quotation mark needs to be seen before in text citations. However, a period sign need to be place after placing the parenthesis.

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For those quotes running in more than three typed lines, an indentation of the entire block of text by 0.5 inches for the left margin need to be included. When this part of quote is indented, there is no need to add quotation marks around the ‘borrowed text’. An MLA citation short story needs to have its parenthesis placed at the end of the text or quote. Period signs and commas need to appear after citations not before. For example;

“In an short story ‘Getting rich seems to be difficult, I noticed that many people have been conned before realizing that they could not trust any company that promised to get them rich overnight. After I turned 20, I came across a wise saying…’ (Onesmos 17)

Other MLA handbook that train writers on how to cite a short story MLA shows that the whole text above can be reframed by making it look like below;

According to Onesmos (17), getting rich seems to be very difficult because many people get conned hence incapable of trusting companies that promise to get them rich overnight. The author argues that at 20 years old, he came across a wise saying.

How to Cite a Short Story

When a writer learns about how to cite short stories, they will succeed in submitting stories with an anthological sense stipulated in the work entry section in the author’s name in the parenthesis. The writer need to start with the last name of the author, followed by a comma and include the first name and a period. An MLA short story begins with including the title of the story, quotation marks while the first and important words capitalized. Afterward, you will need to put the title of the story, in italics, first words capitalized and with a full-stop at the end. Following regular naming order included that name of the editor followed by a period. Afterwards, include the city of publication followed by a colon, brand publication, comma, year and a full-stop.

Lastly on how to cite a story in a book, the page number where the story has been extracted needs to be included and with a period at the end. The publication medium also needs to be included (print medium) and a period at the end. This reference entry guides the writer into determining the exact number of page during referencing in MLA style.

How to Cite a Short Story in a Textbook MLA

Citing short stories entails listing down authors’ last name, comma, first name and a full-stop. After that, the name of the story needs to be mentioned and placed in quotation marks. A full-stop needs to be placed before the quotation mark after the name of the short story. The name of the book from with the story is extracted need to be mentioned and written in italics, a space after quotation marks. A period needs to be added after the name of the textbook.

The editor’s name needs to be included after a period by adding an ‘Ed’ initial. In that aspect, the name of the editor should be listed first then the last name before adding a period. Note that the name of the editor is not listed in the textbook’s cover page. It is the writer’s obligation to locate where the editor’s name is. Consequently, this is usually found in either the second or third pages of the book.

Well-versed with how to cite a short story in a textbook reveals to the reader where the story was published, the publisher themselves and even the year when the story was published as indicated in the cover page. Hence, it is necessary to list the publication place a space after the initial period then followed by a colon. In MLA short story citation, a list of publishers need to be included one space after a colon then proceeded by a comma, year of publication before a period. The page range of the story in the book need to be included a space after a period. Lastly, the publication medium that is one space after the period should be evident. In case of a printed book, there will be necessity to use ‘Print’ and ‘Electronic’ in case of an electronic book.

Including Short Story Citation

The MLA format short story need to include all information about the story, it anthology, websites and other places of publications. The structure of the parenthesis citation varies depending on the format used to cite the story.

When looking for how to quote a story MLA, below is the procedure to be followed.

  • Indicate the name of the author and the short story’s title

Your citations need to include the last name of the author of the story followed by their first name.  Aftermath, the titles of the story is included. For example;

Dee, John. “Title of the story”

  • The anthological information need to be cited appropriately.

When a write locates the anthology information, the will be necessity to indicate the name and have the anthology title italicized. The name of the editor should also be included. For example;

Dee, John. “Title of the story.” Name of the collection of stories. Ed. Ben Kimberley

When the anthology section is well written and edited by the short story’s author, there will be no need to make reference to the editor.

  • Include publication information

A properly done MLA cite short story need to include all necessary information concerning the publisher of the story. In that aspect, the city of publication, the year of publication and the publishers name need be included denoting enough details about the anthological publication. For printed literatures, the writer need to cite all page numbers where the story is drawn from then end the citation by a “Print” for example;

Dee, John. “Title of the story.” Name of the collection of stories. Ed. Ben Kimberley. Mash Washer: Bestbuy publishing. 2018. 21 – 25. Print.

How to Cite Short Stories MLA

A short story MLA needs to include the name of the author and the page number where the story was extracted. Generally, MLA format of citation need to include the authors name and the page number where a paraphrase and quote was drawn from. Typically, all these pieces of information include sets the parenthesis to have a professional inclusion of borrowed information before adding any punctuation.

For example;

“The title of the short story,” the kid appears holding his toy wondering about what might be said about him (Dee 34).

Sometimes, a short story MLA citation can be included in the same sentence. Therefore, the writer needs to take note of the name of the author but you should note that the page number where the story was extracted from still has to appear in the citation. Moreover, downloading MLA, APA or Harvard citation handouts guides the writer on how to cite short story in relevant formats demand.

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