An appendix is a part of a paper that houses the non-essential or supplementary text. The appendix may be useful in the provision of more information about the paper enhancing a more comprehensive understanding of the area of research. The appendix is placed at the end of the paper and normally includes information that is not appropriate for the body of the paper because it is either too detailed, or distracting.

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Appendices have been used as tools to provide optional content to a research paper’s content where the reader expects you to provide more detailed information and comprehensive background reading. Thus it is necessary to reference appendix within your paper’s body of work. You can follow any number of writing styles available on our website. We offer guides for APA, Harvard, MLA, and Chicago writing styles among others.

Among the other sections of your paper such as the title page, abstract, the body, bibliography (references or works cited), list of tables, list of figures and footnotes, appendices are included almost to the end of the paper. Therefore when asked to “see appendix” as we have established, the appendix is a collection of supporting documents and data that the writer used to develop the paper, report or research project. Therefore there is a need to learn how to cite an appendix correctly among the student population.

If you are looking for how to reference an appendix in your paper you have come to the right place, we will help you cite and reference appendices you include in your paper. The appendices are included after the bibliography information and labeled as Appendix A, B, C, D and so on. I the body of your paper you will learn that you can use these labels to refer to the appendix and in the process know how to cite an appendix in APA.

The format for in-text citations for example for Appendix A, (after the phrase you intend to cite) would be (See Appendix A). However, when learning how to reference an appendix in APA you will also learn that you should not include your own Appendix in the references list; but if it is an Appendix from another person’s work, you are obliged to include it. Therefore a reference entry for an Appendix sourced from another person’s body of work would display the following information;

  • The full names of the author
  • The label of the appendix, such as Appendix A
  • The year the paper containing the appendix was published
  • The title of the paper
  • The location of the publisher

If you are looking for help on how to reference appendix you should at least have some guidance on what to expect of the outcome. Some online formatting companies will take advantage of your ignorance and deliver incorrect format for your in-text citations and references which will, in turn, lead to you losing valuable points.

Useful Tips on How to Cite Appendix

First, before you even reference an appendix you have to know and appreciate what an appendix is; an appendix is a collection of additional information that is included in the body of work would be too distracting or offer too much information to the reader. Therefore if you are ready to learn how to cite appendix you should also know that research papers may have more than one appendix which is labeled A, B, C, D and so on, in succession, each dealing with different topics in the area of research.

Here are some useful tips to always remember when learning how to reference an appendix, whether from your own paper or from an external source;

  • If it is only one appendix it is just referred to as Appendix.
  • If the appendices are more than one, they have to be labeled according to their position in the paper.
  • Each appendix has a title to identify what it is all about
  • Each appendix is located on its own page
  • Appendices may include other sources of information such as figures and tables
  • The appendices, more often than not, also have information sourced from external sources

Where Should You Place Reference Appendices In Your Paper?

Therefore, in the process of learning how to cite appendix in text, if an appendix has information from an external source you are also obliged to cite it parenterally within the content of the appendix itself. You are also required to include a reference entry in the main references page. Remember when referencing appendix you are to use only one reference list in the entire paper.

Nonetheless, when you are asked to reference appendices you can always look to us for a helping hand. We are always ready to help you format your paper with up to date writing standards. Therefore whether it is a problem of how to cite an appendix APA or any other style of writing we are the company to go for. Just remember to always keep track of all the appendices you use, be it from your own paper or another writer’s work; you will need this information to cite and reference them correctly.

How to Refer To Appendix in Your Essay

You are not limited as to the type or amount of information you can include in your appendices, however, all the information should be supportive of your findings and analytical approach. By citing an appendix you have allowed the reader to view them, which he/ she will use to validate your understanding and conclusions in your research.

Consequently will have to refer to them in your body of work. By learning how to refer to appendix you make sure all the information included in your paper, essay or report is factual and above all credited to the owners. As we help you learn better ways of how to cite an appendix you also get to learn why it is important to do so, not just blindly following instructions. When you refer to an appendix in your text, this directly dictates the order they will appear in the appendices from A, B through to the last one.

Know How to Reference an Appendix in A Paper Online

Different lecturers, students, and institutions have their own preferences to the style of writing to use, each of these writing styles has their own unique way of displaying the mentioning of appendices in your papers. Therefore when you decide how to reference an appendix in a paper you will have to learn all these different styles. However, you do not have to do so as you work on that important assignment. Let us show you how to reference appendices as we generate them for you.

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