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What is thought to be an e-book as told by Chicago 16 citation generator?

First, let`s clear out what do most of the people consider to be an e-book. All in all, this term refers to an electronic version of a printed book. An e-book is also viewed as the application, which enables downloading and reading electronic books form the web. It`s worth mentioning that nearly 80 percent of all digital books are available in PDF formats, however, advanced users of technology choose e-books. Why? Well, electronic books are easy-to-use. You can select the font you like, change the size of the font to make the words more readable. Moreover, when you`re using e-books, you can bookmark pages that seem important to you, or even find out the meaning of a certain word (as the majority of such books have inbuilt dictionary feature).

The structure of an e-book citation conducted by Chicago citation maker 16th edition

Recently Chicago citation maker 16th edition is becoming more and more widespread. As the newest edition of this writing style was released in September 2017, lots of novel regulations were added to the manual. All these fresh rules aim to make Chicago more comfortable for scholars.

If we`re speaking about citing an electronic book with the help of free Chicago 16th citation maker, our task is to comply with the following structure of a citation:

Chicago citation maker 16th edition

  • Last name of the author
  • Comma
  • First name of the author
  • Period
  • Title of the book written in italics
  • Period
  • City of publishing
  • Colon
  • Publisher
  • Comma
  • Year published
  • Period

Do not forget to write all the first letters of each word with capital letters.

Bear in mind that if you`re referring to a book found in a database the structure of your citation will be slightly different from the one described above:

  • You won`t have to italicize the title of the book
  • After the year published followed by a period include:

– either doi: xxxxx

– or URL

How to use free Chicago 16th citation maker?

Surely, Chicago 16 citation generator is made to facilitate the process of formatting academic papers, thus wise the whole process of creation of a reference list takes no longer than a couple of minutes.

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