Wikipedia is probably one of the most cited sources ever as each person, who has ever done an academic paper, presentation, conducted research has referred to this website. You can find there almost any part of info you need. Thuswise citing from Wikipedia in the right way is vital. Today I`ll reveal how you can include in-text citations from this web page using MLA writing format.

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General rules of citing generator MLA in the case with websites

Let`s start from scratch and understand general guidelines of including citations in the body of your text in the Modern Language Association writing style. First, do not forget that citing generator MLA is used when one needs to conduct academic papers in the field of liberal arts or humanities. This means that MLA should be used in such disciplines: art, philosophy, literature, linguistics, religion, ethics, modern foreign languages, music, speech, classical languages, theater, history, psychology, law, sociology, statistics, politics, gender studies, anthropology, geography, business informatics, economics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, botany, archaeology, zoology, geology, Earth sciences, mathematics, logic and more. Secondly, if we`re speaking about the 8th edition of MLA, citing in MLA format generator will differentiate between various types of web pages. For instance, the way a YouTube video and an article in a web magazine are cited will differ. Finally, common rules a citation of any electronic source has to be included in the content looks like this:

  • Put in the text the first thing that appears in the Work Cited entry, which corresponds to the citation. For instance, the name of the author, title of the article, name of the website, name of the film.
  • Never include full URLs in the text.
  • You are allowed to put partial URLs in case the name of the site includes a domain name. In such situation, you can set the citation in MLA cite this for me in such way: or Free citation machine MLA

Free citation machine MLA

Free citation machine MLA for Wikipedia

Moving on to the particular source we`re interested in. Things to know about citing Wikipedia with the help free citation machine MLA:

  • As Wikipedia is considered to be an online encyclopedia, it provides its users with multiple references, so you can find the author of a certain phrase in the Reference section.
  • Wikipedia is not considered to be a credible source in a range of institutions, so check it up before using it in your papers.
  • Put the title of the article in quotation marks, within parentheses.
  • Include the citation after the quoted or paraphrased passage directly.
  • Avoid putting a paragraph number in the citation.
  • Ensure that your reference list is alphabetized according to the title of the article found at Wikipedia.

This is the general list of recommendations and rules to include Wikipedia as a credible source when conducting an academic paper when you need to utilize free MLA format for your work.