Guidelines on How to Not Plagiarize Your Assignments

Writing any research paper has its fair share of challenges such as gathering viable academic information that is related to the subject of your assignment that acts as credible evidence to make your paper of better quality. External sources of information should be used to build your ideas by providing applicable information in your writing. However, you should take every precaution to carefully document each source not to fall victim to cases of plagiarism.

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For most students, this is a relatively new challenge to have to deal with, some even ask, “how do you spell plagiarism?” This only goes to show how little students know about plagiarism or how to not plagiarize. In that regard, plagiarism is defined as the presentation of another person’s ideas as your own. It may be intentional or completely unintentional, but the consequences for such academic malpractices are all the same. Most institutions across the globe penalize students for even the slightest percentage of plagiarism.

As such, it is high time you learn how to plagiarize without getting caught; take a moment for that statement to sink in. It is not easy to write a zero plagiarism paper on the first try, and most of the time you realize you had left out a citation or two. Also, you can be paraphrasing/ re-writing another author’s work and fail to eliminate all instances of plagiarism. That is why you need to increase your understanding of plagiarism precisely as well as our online plagiarism detection system.

How to Copy and Paste Without Plagiarizing Your Research Papers

In some countries, the nuance may not require students to citing the external sources. However, this is a prerequisite in the worldwide academic standards of writing; failure to which could result in plagiarism. Non-native English speakers often stand a higher chance of failing to communicate in English, which translates to their writing assignments.

At first, you might not even know how to spell plagiarism, but as you progress with your education, plagiarism will become more and more evident as the complexity and workload of assignments increases. This is because you will tend to look for shortcuts to reduce the workload such as low-quality writing services, and copy-pasting information from external sources. In addition to these already existing challenges that increase a student’s risk of plagiarizing, the internet and the digital age also plays a big part in cases of plagiarism.

Today, most students have easier access to research sources and data that is readily available on the internet. It is easy to see why you would find it easier to copy and paste your assignment rather than spend countless hours researching and forming your ideas and opinions. Plagiarism could also be as a result of neglect when documenting your sources.

Therefore, to learn how to copy and paste without plagiarizing, you can use our online plagiarism detection systems. After you complete your paper, you can upload it on our website where it will be cross-referenced with both online and offline sources of information to provide an accurate plagiarism report. This way you can confidently use information obtained from different online sources without having to worry about plagiarizing, s you will have the option of re-writing any copied content once you use our tool.

As you can see, this is a sure way on how to get away with plagiarism, which is an invaluable tool when you consider that most writing assignments constitute more than 50% of your total grade. You should not take any chance with your assignments, by learning how to avoid plagiarism in all your papers and having access to the tools that can help you detect and eliminate any plagiarized content within your assignments.

Also, when you think about the phrase, ’how to plagiarize successfully,’ simply what this means is that you have control over the content you present to your teachers. You no longer have to worry about yourself while writing that you did not re-write a particular statement completely; all these mistakes will be highlighted when you use our online plagiarism detection system.

How Much Did I Plagiarize? – Get All the Answers You Need Here

When you visit our website, you will be required to create an account with us to ensure the safety and security of all the information you share with us. After completing the registration process, you can now upload, or copy-paste your paper’s content to the provided text box. Now we can confidently answer your question, “how much did I plagiarize?” You will be provided with a comprehensive plagiarism report that highlights all the plagiarized content (if any) with links to the original source of content.

With our report, you can easily choose to either paraphrase, re-write, or cite the plagiarized content, all of which work well to reduce the total percentage of copied content. As you can see, this is a useful tool that most students have already taken a liking to and rely on. We are always available to check any of your assignments not only for plagiarism but also for grammar mistakes and poor sentence structure.

Now, the question in most of your minds, “how much is plagiarism detection online?” our services are affordable and easy to gain access to. There are various packages that you can choose from based on your needs and requirements. Therefore, regardless of whether you are a large institution or an individual, you have the opportunity to learn how to hide plagiarism from your writing assignments.

Get to Know How to Reduce Plagiarism

We understand that most of you want to learn how to protect yourself from plagiarism and that is why we have developed a plagiarism detection system that not only highlights copied content but also provides comprehensive information about how to avoid instances of plagiarism. Below are some tips to help you avoid plagiarism:

  • Understand and translate the source material

You should not add information to your paper verbatim, instead, take the time to rephrase the idea in your own words.

  • Use quotes

Quotes or citations are used to inform the reader that a statement or phrase id from an external source. Thus, you ensure you give the creator or author of the source material the credit they deserve.

  • Carefully document all sources

Keep a list of all the sources used within your paper to ensure that all the information is correctly cited and referenced.

  • Use our online plagiarism detection system

After you have completed your paper, it is a good idea to confirm that all the information is unique and original. You can use out plagiarism checker to identify and eliminate any plagiarism that you may not have cited or rephrased. In time you too can learn how to skip plagiarism

So, the question that you should be asking yourself is, do you want to learn how to reduce plagiarism and deliver only high-quality papers that meet your teachers’ requirements? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place. Upload your document today.