As we all know, every writing style is constantly evolving and transforming into a better version of itself. Developers of guidelines of each style take into account the current state of the world of writing, new tendencies and desires of authors and other writers, who specialize in humanities. That is why we (meaning storytellers and students involved in the process of writing) have to deal with the problem of different editions of writing styles. As we speak about one of the most utilized styles, which is Chicago, we can not avoid handling with the latest version of this type of writing. I mean 16th edition, of course.

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General characteristics of Chicago citation machine

So what is Chicago style 16th edition and why everyone is talking about it? This edition (meaning 16th) was published in August 2010. It`s was an important event in the world content writers and other text producers, as the new edition of this style of writing was released at the same time both online and in the hardcover. Therefore, a novel guide to formatting papers in Chicago was available for more writers and researchers than ever before.

Let`s move into the theory and rules. Naturally, Chicago citation machine is responsible for complying with rules of Chicago citation manual. Thuswise, the most basic features of Chicago style are:

  • set margins at no less than 1 and no greater than 1.5;
  • select a font size of 10pt. and further;

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  • make sure that typeface is easy-to-read;
  • double-space text, however, one should make use of single spacing for table titles, block quotations and figure captions;

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  • single space bibliographies and notes internally. Do not forget to leave an additional line between notes and bibliographic entries;
  • utilize Arabic numbers from the very first page (in its header) of the whole text;
  • ensure that you`re using subheadings for longer texts;
  • do not end subheadings with periods;
  • remember to put an extra line both before and after each subheading.

Do you understand that these are only fundamental things Chicago 16 citation generator deals with? Yeap, it`s that complex and even worse. So I`m pretty sure you are not feeling a strong wish to format your paper on your own and will probably go for the best generator to do this job for you.

 Distinct points of Chicago citation generator as told by Chicago citation generator website

First of all, there are various ways you can spend your time and formatting your paper to comply with regulations of a certain writing style may not be one of such ways when you`re enjoying all the perks of usage of Chicago citation generator. Moreover, it not only saves your precious time but also keeps your nerves not damaged, as you do not need to worry about all the tricky rules of Chicago style. In case you are still among those who haven`t tried to feel all the joy of using Chicago citation generator website, hurry up and leave some time for yourself. Are you still not interested? Let`s go deeper and reveal all the aces in the hole. The best advantage here is that it`s absolutely free and you can get all the citations and references in the Chicago style of 16th edition in a few moments. It will cost you a few clicks and Chicago citation maker will turn your paper into a writer`s masterpiece, which fits all the guidelines of Chicago 16th edition just perfectly. Bear in mind that you can utilize Chicago cite generator any time you want, as it`s available online and you don`t even need to leave your room and change your position.