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Top 3 plagiarism detection tools you should try out

May 02nd 2018
Each scholar is dealing with tons of writing assignments a week. One of the major criteria for assessing such tasks is text uniqueness. This means that the content you hand in to your professors should be original (read ‘plagiarism-free’). No wonder that with the extensive development of new technologies, smart programmers have elaborated special tools that detect copied parts of the composition. This gives students a better understanding of what should be changed. Note that even if you have used your own ideas and have not copied anybody else`s work, you can still be accused of plagiarizing. Why? This can happen because you`re using clichéd expressions, set phrases or write about a well-researched and trendy topic. In this article, we`ll go through the top three tools that detect plagiarism in writing. Keep reading to choose the best platform for yourself and make writing at least a little bit easier. 3) Grammarly It`s online, and easy-to-use if you`re a registered user. The trick is that they store the files you`re uploading to the site. Another hindrance one may face when utilizing Grammarly is the limited amount of sources to compare content with. The platform is able to scan only resources that are available online (electronic ones). Thus, books that are only in printed versions or available at university libraries are not examined to detect plagiarism. 2) Dupli Checker This one is free of charge for both regular users and newcomers. Moreover, the users, who did...

Affordable, reliable how to cite the nasw code of ethics services

April 30th 2018
Affordable, reliable how to cite the nasw code of ethics services The National Association of Social Workers was founded in 1955, and the organization has been instrumental for workers around the globe for eons. Most students do not know how to cite the nasw code of ethics seeing most of the information contained therein deals with workers. Nonetheless, the data can be used for research purposes and as such all students should be acquainted with citing this organization. While it’s not an easy task, our team works round the clock to ensure students get all the help they need regarding this topic. The nasw code of ethics apa citation is not a new thing to our professionals. We have numerous citations regarding this and many more codes of ethics for both students and academic writers. With a membership of over 132,000 members, a nasw code of ethics apa citation represents rights governing an entire organization. As such, the citation must be succinct and follow all the ethical guidelines governing the organization. The apa citation nasw code of ethics style is a wee bit different from most quotations involving national associations. However, the two have some similarities, and if not aided by a professional, a student can easily confuse one with the other. Below is the only guideline to follow for all your nasw citations using the apa style. Guideline to the best nasw code of ethics citation apa style Making the nasw code of ethics citation apa style is rather easy. There...

Hire our services for top tips on how to cite lecture notes mla style

April 30th 2018
If you have no idea where to start regarding your note citations, then you are at the right place. We aim to not only help you ace the citations but improve the quality of your essay in its entirety as well. However, you shouldn’t feel like the odd one out considering not many people know how to cite lecture notes mla style. For starters, the process is somewhat complicated especially if the notes are handwritten and any missing information can completely change your essay or article’s outlook. The first step in learning how to cite a class lecture is ensuring that all the notes from that particular class are present. Lately, most tutors share their class notes electronically with their students to ensure as opposed to dictation. However, when explaining these notes, there is always an extra thing or two to add to your notepad from the lecturer. With all the information from the tutor, you can now learn how to cite class notes. Most students do not know how to cite a professor’s lecture because they missed the class due to unavoidable circumstances or drifted in and out of consciousness as the lesson went on. However, with the guidelines below as indicated by the latest version of the modern language association, your lecture note citations will never be the same. Still, some pointers might make or break your citation. Learn how to cite notes from class from experts The bullet points below showing how to cite notes from class also indicate the order that the citation...