Jumping straight into writing is one sure recipe for mediocre essays. How so? By merely putting down everything that pops into your head, there are high chances that you will waffle around and thus reduce the overall effectiveness of the information you provide in your piece. Worse still, you might fail to make stronger arguments as you will tend to rush through the points without explaining them well. Also, you might lump up all your ideas in a single paragraph or two when each thought could provide an excellent argument in its section.

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It is, therefore, essential to take ample time to plan your steps through the essay writing phase. In turn, you will provide a compelling and focused response to the essay question. On that note, below is a guide on how to effective planning of essays:

  • Schedule Your Time

No matter the type of essay writer you are, planning your time is the first essential step in successful essay writing. You will need to slot time for brainstorming on the composition issue and for conducting research as well. Most importantly, be sure to allocate sufficient time for the actual essay writing phase as you do not want to waste a lot of time doing the planning at the expense of the writing.

  • Comprehend the Essay Question

Ask any educator, and you will learn that most students pen poor essays because they did not quite understand the question. To respond to the query effectively, take time to ponder on the matter to understand what is demands carefully. Try putting the issue into context to get a clearer picture. For instance, how does “topic S” fit into the current debates in my field of study?Planning an Essay: The Essential First Step to Successful Essay Writing

Practices such as underlining keywords, breaking the topic into sub-questions, triple reading the queries, and determining the question type (is it closed or open-ended?) aid in the understanding of the question.

  • Gather Ideas

You can collect information to put in your piece from your thoughts and research. To draw information from your thoughts, take note of all ideas that come into your mind regarding the essay topic. A mind map or spider diagram is excellent for doing this.

As far as essay research goes, be sure to be systematic instead of general. What this means is that you ought to narrow your fact-finding to the information that is appropriate for your paper rather than trying to learn everything about the essay topic.

  • Create an Outline

People tend to write best when they have an outline as it helps in the clarification of thoughts. So, ensure that you create an overview of your introduction, body, and conclusion sections before any writing.

  • Final Word

Implementing the tips mentioned above will help you plan out your essay writing effectively. If you happen to hit a deadlock, you can always get essay help from appropriate quarters. All in all, remember that good essay writing lies within the preparations you make. Happy writing folks!