A reference letter, also known as a recommendation letter, is a document whereby the writer evaluates the characteristics, qualities, and capabilities of the individual being recommended. It is usually a positive endorsement of the individual’s character, skills, and accomplishments by somebody familiar. The criteria under assessment are usually the person’s ability to undertake a particular function or task. Those aspiring to write this type of letter but have no skill can massively learn from reading a reference letter example.

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These letters are usually related to employment, scholarships, and admissions to an institute of higher learning.  In the case of a job application, the letter is commonly referred to as an employment reference.  Most institutions specifically request a recommendation letter to be written about an individual.

Companies might also need to be referred by an organization while bidding for contracts especially in the fields of consultancy, engineering construction, and industry. Those seeking tenders and public procurement need reference letters that can be used to assess their ability to deliver the desired level of service.

In some applications, an applicant can be offered a chance to determine whether their letters can be viewed or not. However, it is always recommended to allow your letter to be viewed since it shows you are confident about your recommendation.

Types of Reference Letter Examples

There are two major types of reference letter examples. The first is the professional reference letter, and the other is the personal reference letter.

  • Professional reference letter

This type of letter is typically written by a colleague, supervisor, client, teacher or professor. He or she is in most cases well acquainted with your achievements. In the letter, the writer describes your position, responsibilities as well as your contributions to a particular organization or institution. From our website, you can get an amazing example reference letter of this kind to enhance your writing skill.

  • Personal reference letter

This is a letter of recommendation written by a family member, friend, mentor or even your neighbor. It is also known as a character reference letter.  It gives personal traits that make you a good fit for the job. Most of the time, such letters heavily focus on your individuality and character as opposed to professional qualifications. You can download high-quality examples of character reference letters from our website to give you an idea of how to write such letters. You can learn more about both types of letters through our examples of reference letters.

Expert Tips on Writing a Reference Letter

The first step is to think before you agree to write critically. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do you know this person well enough?
  • Are you properly familiar with his or her qualifications?
  • Are you willing to write the recommendation?

Therefore, you need to request all the required personal information necessary in writing the letter. Also be acquainted with details such as whom to send the letter to, the deadline among others. To get the more, insight you can use an example of a reference letter as your guide.

Note: It is better not to write a recommendation at all than to write a bad recommendation.

The Key Ingredients Within an Example of a Reference Letter

Anyone might be required to write a recommendation letter at one time or another.  You might be requested by a colleague, friend or a family member to write a recommendation for them. For this reason, downloading a letter of reference examples might be of great benefit. A reference letter needs to contain some specific information about an individual. These include skills, work experience, expertise in a given field, personal qualities and academic performance.

Steps to Observe While Writing a Reference Letter

The reference letter needs to be written as a formal letter. Include both your contact and employer’s contact, i.e. (address, name, phone email among others). Your signature needs to be written at the end. Include the addressee, e.g., Director, general manager or human resource. For a general letter, you can write “to whom it may concern.”  Use the salutation “Dear” followed by the Surname.

In the introduction explain your relationship with the subject. How you know the person and why you are qualified enough to write about the person. In the second paragraph, give all the specifics of the individual. Their attributes, character, skills, talents, hobbies and academic professions as well as their work experience. At the end of the letter, include your contact as well as signature. Get a personal reference letter example as well as the professional version via our company.

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