The roots of the very first references go as far as the first guidelines of writing styles were created. Therefore, we can`t speak of one particular date when references were born. The thing, which can be done in this case, is to try to understand when references came in handy.

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What was a reference generator of the past like?

Way back in the history people needed to make sure that the words they are using in their works belong to them. Thuswise, they wanted to ensure that their papers were unique, original and, consequently, innovative. Speaking in today`s language people needed to avoid what we now call plagiarism.

As back in the history there were lots of problems with literacy, not every pedestrian was able to deal with writing a paper, not to mention referencing. That`s why it was the task of church clerks, writers, teachers and other educated people to solve all issues, which were related to writing. Referencing was on their to-do list too. Afterwards, when more people were able to read and write, any person involved in writing academic papers or books could deal with references. However, it wasn`t a piece of cake. People didn`t have computers, laptops or Internet access at all. There we no such technologies, or even something, which could facilitate their tasks. Therefore, they had to spend way too much time to conduct one single work properly. I mean just think about it.

All in all, we can sum it up by saying that reference generator of the past was not the generator itself but people. The task of handling all writing processes (including referencing) was the responsibility of homo sapiens. These were humans, who stayed up all night to study library resources, look through a dozen of books, proofread their works and edit any plagiarism-like material in their papers.

Of course, the life of people became easier when typing machines appeared, but still, they had a lot on their shoulders.

Perception of modern reference generator website

Perception of modern reference generator website

These days it`s a whole another thing about references, as I can use the Internet connection and my laptop to reference this for me in a moment. I don`t even have to go to the library or sit at the writing desk. It`s the power of tech development, which allows every person with Internet connection put the right amount of references in the correct way.reference this for me

As referencing itself is a tedious procedure, which requires much free time and lots of browsing through writing guidelines of a particular style, specialists in the field of information technology have come up with an idea of reference generator website. Such websites save people`s time and are, indeed, comfortable in their usage. People have to do nothing but click a few times.  Know that you`re thinking about money. What`s the cost of such services? Don`t worry, you can find reference generator free. Therefore, generation of references can literally cost you nothing.


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