First issue about Chicago citation machine

It may strike you in the middle of the night, come to you and hit you like thunder. You`ll ask yourself «Am I using the right format? » Yes, there are more than a hundred of formats in academic writing and it is your obligation to know when you should use a particular style.

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In the case with Chicago citation machine, bear in mind that you can use Turabian when you`re writing a paper in the humanities. It`s also important to note that this style may be required to be used by a certain professor or university even if your papers do not belong to the humanities field.

Chicago citation maker: next problem in the row

Another problem, which may arise, is the confusion writers and students tend to have when they hear «Сhicago citation maker». They are wondering what`s Chicago style and what`s Turabian format. There is absolutely no difference in how you call it. Chicago and Turabian mean the same thing. They represent one format and are synonymic.

More to understand about Chicago citation generator

One more difficulty may be caused if you`ve used the wrong edition of Chicago format. As for this year (it`s 2018 in case you`ve forgotten), you are to follow the guidelines of the 17th edition of the Chicago writing manual. This edition was published in 2017 and has detailed information about all the requirements of formatting papers, including the data about citation, reference lists, title pages, footnotes, subheadings plan and more. It is always available on the Internet, and you can read the guide carefully to format your works in a neat manner, or you can visit Chicago citation generator and your papers will be formatted free.

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Do not forget that rarely a really meticulous or old-fashioned prof may tell you to make use of the later edition. In this case, you should follow the instructions of a certain edition.

Final thoughts about Chicago cite generator

If you`re using Chicago cite generator you`ll have to click a few times and it`s done. Nevertheless, if you lean towards a more archaic way to format your papers, you`ll have to understand that Turabian prefers:

  • using a serial comma before the word and
  • making use of 1-inch margins
  • to flush the text left and double space the entire document
  • omit extra lines between paragraphs
  • capitalize proper nouns
  • using headline-style capitalization for titles of works
  • utilizing either author-date or notes bibliography system
  • numbering all pages except for the title page in the upper right corner preceded by your last name. Mind that the first numbered page goes with the number 2.