You`ve probably heard the term «plagiarism» but have you ever thought of its true meaning. No, it`s not stupid copy-pasting from one paper to another. It does not deal with you putting your finger on «CTRL+C» and «CTRL+V» afterward. Are you startled now? Don`t panic. First things first. Let`s define this term, which scares every researcher, term paper or essay writer.

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Plagiarism appears when a person uses thoughts, ideas, concepts or phrases of another individual and doesn`t include it as a citation. Do you see the trick now? You are able to utilize another scholar`s words on the condition you cite them. Add quotation marks and give credit to the author in the reference list and you`re in the safe place. You are not cheating in this case, you`re just citing. That is a common misunderstanding. People simply do not know when they can be accused of plagiarism and when they have done nothing wrong.

Why should one use plagiarism checker?

Why should one use plagiarism checker?

The thing is that for the majority of writers it is just easier to make use of modern technologies and find help in using plagiarism checker. By doing so, they save their time and are free to allow latest tools make sure that the content they`ve created is OK.

It is comfortable, as you do not have to study all the regulations of such intellectual theft, you can use your internet connection and a laptop to check for plagiarism. There is no need to feel guilty about using free online plagiarism checker. It It is not prohibited. Contrastingly, your professor will be pleased to know that you care so much that you want to do your best by ensuring that your papers are free of any plagiarism-ish things.

How to check for plagiarism on your own?

If you have some issues with internet, you can also become your personal effective plagiarism checker and here`s how:

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  • Mind your style

If usually your style of writing is rather verbose, but in this particular work you tend to use short and elliptical sentences, it can become a mark of plagiarism for your professor.

  • Changes in wording

Let`s say that in one sentence you`ve used long-winded words and constructions, but the other sentence has no complicated structure and is rather childish for the topic you`re describing. This may be a sign that you haven`t used accurate plagiarism checker and are guilty.

  • Avoid spelling errors

If you are plagiarizing, your paper may include mistakes in spelling. Make sure that you stick to one spelling pattern. Do not shift from British pattern into an American one.

  • Stick to the subject

You have a certain topic to write on, so stick to it. If you shift the topic of your paper rapidly, this may indicate that you simply googled a popular author, who is famous for his works in your field of interest but you failed to choose a relevant work.

  • Be in your own league

If you`re using another person`s ideas and do not understand them, you may be asked to clarify something in your work. It tells you off when you are using terms and patterns, which are above your level of education.

  • Find synonyms

Of course, online plagiarism checker will highlight often repeated phrases in your text. However, when you check your content on your own, you are to omit constructions, which are widely used on the internet and your work.

  • Format your paper in one citation style

Yes, there are many citation styles. Nevertheless, if one citation of your paper goes in AMA, the other can never be in MLA or Harvard.

  • Follow a certain format

Use one format for the whole paper and make sure that all quotation marks are used in one style.

That`ll be it. From now on you are aware of all plagiarism related issues and it`s better to know your rivals and use such info to your benefit.