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The Chicago citation style is old and very comprehensive. Its detailed nature makes it an uncommon choice for writers and students. Yet you must master the art of citing in this style if you are going to achieve your academic goals.

To understand how to cite sources with Chicago format correctly, you have to study it in detail. It is important to learn all points and rules to apply them accurately in your references. That’s tiring and time-consuming, right?

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Chicago Manual of Style Citation

The Chicago style was created to help writers and researchers cite their sources in a unique way. It entails different topics such as publication, manuscript preparation, and grammar.

Here are some of the features of Chicago citing style:

  • It allows you to choose your own format.
  • Different styles of citation can be integrated together with Chicago format.
  • Information about sources that have been used is provided as footnotes on the page and/or in the bibliographic list and end-notes.
  • If necessary, you can include the author and the date of the source in your list of references
  • When referencing in Chicago manual of style citation you must include the name and surname of the author(starting with the family name)
  • Short forms of publishers name can be used.
  • If a source has multiple publications, you are allowed to use only one.
  • If the location of publication is not well known, or its name can be confused with another, provide clarification.

The Chicago format citation is commonly used in historical journals, scientific and social articles. It is challenging and involves more details than other citation styles.

A standard Chicago reference should entail the following: author, title of newspaper, title of article/book, year, month and date of publication, publisher’s name, location of publication, page numbers, URL or DOI (for some online sources), and the date of access.

Chicago Format Citation: How Does Or Free Chicago Citation Generator Work?

Our Chicago citation maker is designed to offer student a seamless experience when citing sources. We value your time and understand that speed and practicality is of the essence.

Here are a few steps to guide you on getting started with our free Chicago citation maker.

  • If the source is a book, write down the book title, ISBN or author’s name.
  • Choose your topic.
  • Provide relevant information like book titles, publisher, author, place and date of publication.
  • Finally push the “Generate Citationbutton and our citation maker will generate and avail the citations on clipboard for copy pasting on your assignment.

Relax! Let us handle the heavy work and prepare excellent citations for your research paper. Equipped with a competent engine, our chicago style citation maker runs the information you have listed as sources to generate references in a quick and efficient way while also saving you energy.

How to Use Chicago Style in Formatting Citations

Like any other style of writing, Chicago citations come with a set of rules that you must adhere to. It helps to understand what factors into a correctly cited paper and learn the do’s and don’ts of citing in this style.

The Chicago citing style can be grouped into two categories:

  • Notes and bibliography

The notes and bibliography model is used in humanities where citations are written as numbered footnotes and listed predominantly as a separate bibliography.

  • Author-date

The author-date model is mostly used in social sciences and only cited briefly by mentioning the author’s name and publication date in the text, which makes it more convenient. The details in the in-text citations should be included with the full information in the bibliography.

There are other small details to remember if you’re looking to make a good reference list for your research, academic papers, essays or dissertations. The details cover: size, margins, paragraphs, intervals, footnotes, font, etc.

We aim to help you create brilliant bibliographies and credit other people’s work correctly. How do we achieve this? The workings behind our citation generator are accurate and authentic with respect to authors’ and artists’ milestones whether in print or on the internet.

Why Use Our Chicago Citation Creator?

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Free Chicago Citation Tool

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