Looking for a Chicago/Turabian Format Citation Generator for Newspaper Article? Here You Go!

Whenever you need to use another author’s words, ideas or facts in your paper, you have to cite the source you are using. As a rule, writers who work in Humanities (Art, Music, Theology, Literature, History, Religion), should use bibliographic endnotes and footnotes as well as bibliography page at the end of a paper to cite sources used in their articles, essays, and dissertations. For Sciences and Social Sciences, researchers usually use the author-date system. If you are not sure about what style to use – make sure to consult with your professor before starting your paper.

With help of our Chicago/Turabian format citation generator for newspaper article, book, ebook, article and other sources, you will be able to create in text citation, bibliography, footnotes and endnotes in a matter of seconds. It is simple – just choose the parameters (formatting style and type of source), write down the necessary source information in the fields, and get your references done!

How does a Chicago in text newspaper citation should look like?

As we have already mentioned, a Chicago in text newspaper citation can be of two types – bibliographic style and author-date style. As a writer, you have indicate every citation with a superscript number and link it to a footnote at the end of a page. Actual information about the sources should appear as a footnote at the bottom of each page or as a note at the page titled “Notes”. You Microsoft Word can help you create a field for the footnotes while our free Chicago/Turabian newspaper citation generator can create the footnotes and citations for you!

We have consulted with Chicago style 16th edition manual and created a couple of examples to let you have a clear understanding of how a correct citation should look like. Use them to avoid mistakes:

  • Printed article
    1Edward Doughs, “The Real Motives of Iranian Rebellion,” Washington Post, March 12, 2014, final edition.
  • Online
    1Edward Doughs, “The Real Motives of Iranian Rebellion,” Washington Post, March 12, 2014, final edition [URL] (accessed October 27, 2016).

When you locate a newspaper article citation for an online source, don’t forget to provide a link to a source you have been using.

How to deal with Chicago/Turabian referencing style for a newspaper?

For periodicals like a newspaper, journal or magazine, you have to include the following information in your first endnote or footnote, as well as in your bibliography page:

  • Author’s name
  • Title of the article
  • Title of the periodical
  • Issue or volume number (include both if possible)
  • Publication date
  • Number of page.

When you are citing an online source, make sure to add:

  • Date of access and a link to the article


  • The name of the database (include also city and publisher if available), link to the website, and date of access.

When you use the same article again, you can include a shorter footnote. Include just the author’s last name, a shorted title, and page numbers. If the article you have used for your paper has both printed and online formats, then cite the one you have used.

Chicago/Turabian referencing style for a newspaper can be a real problem. Sometimes you have time to create all those citations and footnotes manually, sometimes you don’t. Our online citation generator will solve this problem for you!